[Candidate Descriptions]
Brief Descriptions of 400+ Transportation and Logistics Candidates selected on 12/12/2018 from over 35,700.
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Big List

Accounting        Vice President Finance - 1,000+ Tractors - Responsible for General
   125,000+       Accounting, Taxation, AR/AP, Bank/Treasury Relationships, Plans- CPA
   Iowa           File #35501           

Accounting        CFO - Oilfield Logistics -Frac Sands & Drilling Fluids- w/ Accounting,
   100,000+       ERP, Financial Reports, Treasury, Budgets, Contracts, Banking, IT -MBA
   Texas          File #35389           

Accounting        CFO - Dry Van Truckload, Flatbed & Brokerage - w/ Accounting, Budgets,
   100,000+       Contracts, Forecasting, SOX, Costing, Leases, Audits, Banking - BSBA
   Georgia        File #35425           

Accounting        CFO - $90MM Trucking, Warehouse and Distribution - w/ Accounting Mgt.,
   100,000+       Planning, Tax and Financial Budgeting, Capital Asset Mgt., Banking-CPA
   Missouri       File #35448           

Accounting        Director of Finance- $70MM, 350 Employee Trucking Company; Managed all
   100,000+       Financial Functions: Statements, Audits, Budgets, Insurance, Retiremnt
   Michigan       File #35502           

Accounting        CFO Tank Truck and Petroleum Carrier - with Financial Report and Mgt.,
   100,000+       Cost Control, Banking, Internal Controls, Productivity, Planning - CPA
   New Jersey     File #35544           

Accounting        CFO - $500MM+ Freight Forwarding and CHB - with Accounting, Implement
   100,000+       Internal Controls, Forcasting and Cost Controls, Insurance, M&A - CPA
   Florida        File #35659           

Accounting        Director of Credit, A/REC, Learning & Development - $400MM+ in A/Rec;
   100,000+       Implemented Training to Reduce Cargo Claims; Managed 25 Field Trainers
   DFW Area       File #35746           

Accounting        Controller - $100MM+ Freight Forwarder and Logistics Company - with
   94-99,000      Budgets, Financial Reporting, Forcasts, Risks, Plans, Banking, Audits.
   Houston Area   File #35377           

Accounting        CFO and Controller - with Finance, Accounting, Info Technology, Risk
   94-99,000      Mgt., Banking, Automated Fleet Dispatching & HR for Petro Distributor
   Florida        File #35626           

Accounting        Accounting Manager - Truckload - Supervise 7; AR/AP, Billing & Payroll
   74-79,000      Clerks, Journal Entries, GL, Month & Quarter Closings w/ McLeod, TMW..
   S. Calif.      File #35457           

Accounting        Accounting Manager - $300MM Freight and Transportation Logistics Com.
   65-70,000      w/ Monthly Closings, Workflow Planning, A/P, Controls, SOX, GAAP- BSBA
   Ohio           File #35443           

Accounting        Accounting Manager - Freight Forwarding - Domestic & Int'l - Financial
   65-70,000      Statement for Company and Subsidiaries in UK and Asia; Budgets -BSBA
   Chicago Area   File #35585           

Accounting        Accounting and Office Manager - 100+ Drivers / Owner-Operators - Set
   60-65,000      Up New Processes to Verify Driver Paperwork, BOLs, Fuel Recipts, Logs
   Calif. Valley  File #34412           

Accounting        Accounting Manager - Small Trucking Company - with Payroll, Personnel,
   40-45,000      IFTA Reports, Fuel Reports, Payroll Tax Reports, Office Management...
   Texas          File #35456           

Brokerage         Brokerage Sales and Operations Director - Start-ups and Fortune 500
   94-99,000      Companies; 10 Years of Outside and Carrier Sales; Rapid Growth - BA
   Texas          File #35722           

Brokerage         Brokerage Sales and Operations Mgr.- $5MM Sales Revenue; Recruit, Hire
   84-89,000      and Train; Government, Reefer and Over-Dimensional Freight; TMS, AS400
   Ohio           File #35631           

Brokerage         Brokerage Director - with Sales, Operations, Logistics, Contract Neg.,
   74-79,000      Pricing, KPIs to Increase Profitability, Training, Customer Relations.
   N. Carolina    File #35485           

Brokerage         Brokerage Operaions Manager - Established and Ran Start-Up Brokerage
   74-79,000      Division; Negotiate Pricing with Carriers and Customers; Sales - BA
   Massachusetts  File #35515           

Brokerage         Senior Carrier Development Manager - Build Carrier Relationships; New
   65-70,000      and Existing Carriers in Capacity Tight Markets; RFPs, KPIs, Operation
   Arkansas       File #35472           

Brokerage         Brokerage Branch Manager - Sales and Operations - Solicit New Business
   70-75,000      in Truckload, LTL, NVOCC, Drayage - RFPs, Branch P&L, Train Staff...
   Houston Area   File #35745           

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations VP - Locate Carriers; Check CSA Scores; Negotiate
   69-74,000      Rates, Contracts and RFQs.  Supervise 18; Dispatch; Business Relations
   Ohio           File #35601           

Brokerage         Operations Director - Non-Asset Director of Asset Based Trucking Comp.
   65-70,000      Responsible for P&L of $6MM 3PL Operation; w/ Pricing, Lanes, Capacity
   Ohio           File #35490           

Brokerage         Logistics Account Executive and Sales Team Leader - Proficient in
   65-70,000      Quoting Oversize Movements; Run Sales Team Meetings; Maintain own Book
   Ohio           File #35689           

Brokerage         Sales Representative - 3PL Borkerage - Achiveved 20K to 25K Monthly
   60-65,000      Profit in Truckload, LTL and Intermodal; Customer & Carrier Relations
   Minnesota      File #35566           

Brokerage         Transportation Freight Broker - Cold Calls, Pricing, Rate Negotiations
   60-65,000      Brokering Freight to Associate Carriers; Brokerage Start-Ups - BS Mark
   Arkansas       File #35721           

Brokerage         Senior Carrier Sales Executive- Broker Customer Freight Using a 10,000
   59-64,000      Carriers to Provide Van, Heavy Haul and Refrigerated Capacity w/ Rates
   Atlanta Area   File #35638           

Brokerage         Freight Broker with Capacity Development - Manage Accounts; Strong
   54-59,000      Relationships w/ Carriers across the Country; Book Loads - BS Business
   Massachusetts  File #35627           

Brokerage         Brokerage Sales and Customer Service - Meet Montly goal of $25,000
   54-59,000      Gross Profit; with Account Management; Manage about 30 Accounts - BBA
   Chicago Area   File #35718           

Brokerage         Carrier Manager - Brokerage w/ Intermodal - Build, Manage and Maintain
   55-60.000      Relationships w/ External Carriers; Onboarding Liason for New Carriers
   Illinois       File #35570           

Brokerage         New Business Development Specialist - Prospecting; Serve as Liason
   50-55,000      Between Customer & Operations; Negotiate Rates for TL & LTL- CTB & BBA
   Georgia        File #35335           

Brokerage         Brokerage Account Executive - Recent Grad in Business Administration -
   50-55,000      Manage Day to Day Operations of Book of Business; Carriers, Rate Quote
   Texas          File #35556           

Brokerage         Senior Carrier Account Manager - 3PL Truckload Brokerage - Manage
   50-55,000      Portfolio of Carriers & their Daily Business Needs; Grew Existing Acct
   Missouri       File #35569           

Brokerage         Carrier and Customer Relationship Management - with Driver Recruiting,
   50-55,000      Int'l Freight Brokerage, Manage High Volume Projects - Reefer, LTL,3PL
   Arkansas       File #35743           

Brokerage         3PL Brokerage Office Manager with Operations and Customer Service;
   49-54,000      Responsible for 100 Customers; Records, Billing, Reporting, Claims, AP
   New Jersey     File #35553           

Brokerage         National Account Manager - Freight Brokerage - Manage Shipments for
   45-50,000      Key Customer; Coordinate w/ Carriers to Meet On-Time Delivery Schedule
   Tennessee      File #35390           

Brokerage         Carrier Account Manager - 3PL Truck Brokerage - Develop Capacity
   45-50,000      Solutions; Manage Load Boards to Match Freight; Negotiate Rates - BSBA
   Chicago Area   File #35465           

Brokerage         Brokerage Sales Account Manager - 3PL - with National Accounts -Recent
   45-50,000      College Grad in Marketing - Manage Portfolio of 30+ Accounts, Costs...
   Tennessee      File #35560           

Brokerage         Carrier Sales Representative- Negotiate Freight Rates; Bid For Freight
   45-50,000      Dispatch Drivers; Monitor Daily PUD; Update Receivers and Customer...
   Georgia        File #35710           

Compliance        Trade Compliance Supervisor - CHB Licensee - Audit Classifications,
   60-65,000      Free Trade Agreements, ECCN, EEI Export Filing, Country of Origin, HTS
   Texas          File #35195           

Customer Service  Customer Service, Inside Sales and Operations - Truckload and Reefer
   70-75,000      Market Forecasting, RPM, Velocity, KPI Monitoring, Lane Balance, EDI..
   Utah           File #35741           

Customer Service  Customer Service Manager - Heavy-Haul - Manage Permits; Prequalify
   59-64,000      Escort Vendors; State Permits; Special Billings; Sales and Operations
   Georgia        File #35423           

Customer Service  Customer Service Manager w/ Driver Recruiting - Maintain High Profile
   54-59,000      Truckload Accounts and Develop New Accounts in Conjuction with Sales..
   Washington     File #35408           

Customer Service  Customer Service Specialist - Food Grade Transportation- Bulk and Tank
   44-49,000      Maintain Rate Portfolios; Route Lines; Capacity Managment, HOS, Wash..
   Florida        File #35606           

Customer Service  Ocean Import Coordinator with Customer Service; Detail Oriented; Open
   44-49,000      Files, Prepare Arriaval Notices, Track Shipments, Arrange Delivery...
   Chicago Area   File #35655           

Customer Service  Customer Service Coordinator - Responsible for Daily Transactions with
   39-44,000      3PL/4PL & Warehouses; Distribution of Freight; Vendor and Carrier Coor
   New Jersey     File #35565           

District Manager  Sales Oriented Truck Dealership General Manager - w/ New Truck & Lease
   100,000+       Sales; Trade Analysis, Advertising, Specification, Employee Training
   Wisconsin      File #35469           

District Manager  Distribution General Manager - Air Cargo with Retail Specialty - Rate
   84-89,000      Negotiations, Logistics, Tariffs, 4000+ Store Deliveries per Month TSA
   New Jersey     File #35529           

District Manager  IFF Branch Manager - CHB LICENSEE - with Sales, Operations, Budgets,
   80-85,000      Perosnnel, Complex Logistic Solutions - TRIPLED GROSS PROFIT IN 2 YRS.
   Pennsylvania   File #35499           

District Manager  IFF Branch Manager - 13,000+ Yearly Shipments; Manage Operations of
   74-79,000      Forwarding, Brokerage and Warehousing; 500 Clients; $3.5MM+; Rates...
   New Jersey     File #35584           

Documentation     Documentation, Transportation and Logistics Coordinator - Communicate
   48-53,000      with Overseas Agennts, Customers, Airlines and Brokers - Chinese Flu.
   Illinois       File #35436           

Documentation     Ocean Import Coordinator w/ Documentation, Data Entry, Arrival Notices
   35-40,000      to Customers and Brokers, Echecks to Vessel Carriers, Truckers - Span.
   New Jersey     File #35587           

Export            Export Specialist - Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding - w/ Operations,
   54-59,000      Booking, Drayage, AES Filing, Documentation, FCL, LCL -Chinese Fluency
   Chicago Area   File #35430           

Finance           Regional Finance Manager - Heavy Duty Truck Dealership - INCREASED NET
   100,000+       PROFITS BY $1.4MM IN 5 YEARS; Worked with Sales People in 7 Locations
   Florida        File #35525           

Finance           Finance and Insurance Manager - Class 8 Truck Dealership - Solely
   100,000+       Responsible for $100MM in Financing, Insurance & Warranty Sales - BSBA
   Oklahoma       File #35613           

Import            Import and Compliance Manager - Freight Forwarding/CHB - CHB LICENSEE
   84-89,000      Manage Import Team of 17; Custom Bonds; CBP Audits; PEA and Post Entry
   New Jersey     File #35405           

Import            District Broker and FTZ Operator - CHB LICENSEE - with Operations,
   80-85,000      Record Keeping, Training Entry Writers, Classifications, USCS Rules-BA
   S. Calif.      File #35538           

Import            CHB Import Manager - Licensed Customhouse Broker - Hands-On Manager w/
   74-79,000      Training; Compliance; Oil & Gas Specialist; ACE, Post-Entry, Classify
   Houston Area   File #35530           

Import            Import Broker -CHB LICENSEE- w/ FDA Compliance and Audits, Qualifying
   70-75,000      License Holder for Branch; Expertise in Tariff Rate Quotas, Anti-Dump.
   Minnesota      File #35528           

Import            Import Manager - Customs Brokerage - with Compliance, Complex Entries,
   64-69,000      Increase Revenue and Profits, Project Management, KPIs, Cust. Srv.BSBA
   N. Carolina    File #35539           

Import            Import Manager - Licensed CHB- w/ Classifications, Im/Ex Documentation
   55-60,000      Coordinate Logistics, Arrange Transportation, Tariffs, Quotas- Spanish
   Miami Area     File #35445           

Import            Import Team Leader - Bi-Lingual - IFF and CHB - Air and Ocean - Post
   55-60,000      Entry; ABI, ACE, RLF, OGA, FDA, USDA - Custom Regulation, Warehouse...
   N. Calif.      File #35636           

Import            Import Customs Clearance and Traffic Specalist - U.S., Mexican, Canada
   54-59,000      C-TPAT Compliance, NAFTA Verification, AMS, Dispatch, Classifications
   Laredo, TX     File #35437           

Import            Import and Logistics Coordinator - Manage 50% of all Import Accounts -
   54-59,000      Asia, South America, Europe & Israel - Customer Service, Productivity
   New Jersey     File #35683           

Import            CHB Specialist - Write Entries, Prepare Files, Check Documentation,
   49-54,000      Custom Clearances, Process entries via ACE, Help Clients - Spanish Flu
   Chicago Area   File #35653           

Info Technology   IT Manager - Supply Chain Division of Logistics Company; Manage Team
   100,000+       of 5 Developers; Redesigned LTL and Truckload Audit Sys. - BS Comp Sci
   Michigan       File #35588           

Info Technology   Information Technology Director - Transportation and 3PL - Manage 30+
   100,000+       24/7 Locations, Work Stations, Cloud, Disaster Recovery, Audits, Costs
   Illinois       File #35603           

Information Tech. Systems Analyst - Truckload - Plan, Coordinate and Execute QA Testing
   79-84,000      Applications; Software Development Life Cycle; w/ Python, Java, Cobol
   Arkansas       File #35444           

Load Planner      Load Planner with Safety - 200+ Drivers - Negotiate with Brokers for
   49-54,000      Good Backhaul Rates; w/ Logs, Insurance, McLeod, PC Miler, Load Boards
   Texas          File #35468           

Logisitcs         Logistics Manager - with Operations and Safety Transport of Refined
   64-69,000      Fuels & Inert Gases - w/ Transloading, Cust. Service, DOT 150 Drivers
   Texas          File #35619           

Logisitcs         Logistics Analyst - Petroleum Refineries Terminals in Four States - w/
   60-65,000      Operations; Supervise 30 Truck Fuel Fleet Servicing 250 Gas Stations
   Tennessee      File #35355           

Logistics         Operations Director - Logistics and Supply Chain - 5 Food Distribution
   100,000+       Centers; $125MM+ Revenue; Supervise 200+ Employees; Budgets, Forecasts
   Florida        File #34938           

Logistics         VP Logistics and Transportation - $200MM+ Spend - with Supply Chain,
   100,000+       Carrier & 3PL Mgt., Initiative to Improve Cost & Service - BS Engineer
   Georgia        File #35435           

Logistics         VP Operations and Sales - 3PL Non-Asset Logistics Company - $100MM in
   100,000+       Sales with Warehousing - P&L, Business Development, Consolidation - BA
   Illinois       File #35725           

Logistics         Operations Logistics Specialist - Coordinate Shipment for Fortune 500
   70-75,000      Companies; Quote Truckload, Reefer and Intermodal; Dispatch - BS Acctg
   Calif. Valley  File #35524           

Maintenance       Director of Maintenance - 1500 Tractors; 3000 Trailer - Supervise 200+
   100,000+       Maintenance Employees; 10+ Shops; Lowered Costs and Reduced CSA Scores
   Texas          File #35620           

Maintenance       Maintenance VP - Truckload and Truck Dealership - 2,500+ Tractors;
   100,000+       8,000+ Trailers; 9 Shops and 200+ Technicians; w/ Service Opers - BSBA
   Missouri       File #35697           

Maintenance       Regional Maintenance Manager - 50+ Dedicated Carriage Accounts; Ensure
   100,000+       Proper Maintenance for 1,500+ Trailers; Budgets, HR, DOT, Safety-MBA
   Arizona        File #35720           

Maintenance       Service Manager - Truck Repair - Supervise 12 Mechanics; Former Lead
   84-89,000      Tech; Hands-On; w/ Customer Service, Parts, Diagnostics Software, Oper
   Illinois       File #33873           

Maintenance       Regional Maintenance Manager -Tank Truck- Supervise Tank Wash; Reduce
   84-89,000      CSC Score & OTR Breakdowns Recover Warranty, TMW for Repair & Purchase
   Louisiana      File #35685           

Maintenance       Service Manager - Truck Dealership - 15+ Technicians; Control Expenses
   70-75,000      Increase Profits & Provide Excellent Cust. Service; 70% Gross Profit..
   Ohio           File #35470           

Maintenance       Shop Manager - Tank Truck and Reefer - 150+ Tractors and 300 Trailers
   70-75,000      Supervise 20 Mechanics, Techs w/ Parts, Inventory, ADP AS400, Hiring..
   Michigan       File #35533           

Maintenance       Maintenance Manager - Responsible for Shops in Three States; Hire,
   70-75,000      Orient and Train Techs; Handle Parts & Service; w/ Tank, Waste & Lease
   Wisconsin      File #35625           

Maintenance       Service Manager - with Warranty and ADP - Truck Dealership and Leasing
   70-75,000      Oversee All Repairs and Maintenance for 150+ Trucks; 10 Technicians...
   New Jersey     File #35705           

Maintenance       District Fleet Manager - Refuse Hauling - 150+ Units; Passed CHP BIT
   70-75,000      Inspections; INCREASED SHOP PRODUCTIONS BY 22%; Trained Techs QCI SRTs
   S. Calif.      File #35724           

Maintenance       Shop Supervisor - Intermodal Maintenance & Repair - Chassis Inspection
   69-74,000      AAR Interchange Rules, FMCSA Compliance, Emp. Productivity, Billing-BA
   New Jersey     File #35500           

Maintenance       Shop General Manager - Oversee Operation of Truck Service Department;
   69-74,000      Inventory, Expense Controls; Weekly Financial Forecasts; Labor, Budget
   Pennslyvania   File #35598           

Maintenance       Service Manager - Class 8 Truck Dealership - Provide Technical Support
   65-70,000      to 14 Shop and Road Technicians; Creates Plans to Meet Sales Targets..
   New Jersey     File #35461           

Maintenance       Maintenance Manager - Hands-On - with Parts, Purchasing, Inventory,
   65-70,000      Vendor Negotiation, Refrigeration, Shop Supervision, Costs & Controls
   Maryland       File #35682           

Maintenance       Service Manager - Diesel Truck Shop - Prioritize Repair or Maintenance
   65-70,000      with Customer; Dispatch Work to Techs; Source and Purchase Parts - ASE
   Illinois       File #35699           

Maintenance       Maintenance Shop Foreman - Truck Dealership and Trucking - w/ Warranty
   65-70,000      Service Mgt., Manage three Locations; CDK, Karmak, Diagnosis & Repair
   N. Carolina    File #35700           

Maintenance       Maintenance Supervisor - Hands-On - Coach and Mentor Technicians; Shop
   65-70,000      Management & Customer Srv.; Prioritize & Assign Work for Diesel Techs
   Arizona        File #35704           

Maintenance       Shop Manager - Hands-On - Issue Work Loads to Mechanics, Monthly Parts
   64-69,000      Inventory, Customer Service, Hire and Fire, Trouble Shooting, PM, CDL.
   N. Carolina    File #35513           

Maintenance       Regional Maintenance Manager - 100 Tractors; 1,000 Trailers - w/ Parts
   64-69,000      Supervise 20+ Repair Technicians - Schedule, Motivate, Warranty - ASE
   Florida        File #35545           

Maintenance       Service Manager - Maintain 300+ Pieces of Equipment for Truck Leasing
   60-65,000      Company; Manage 24 Hour Mobile Shop; Open and Close Repair Orders, CSR
   Houston Area   File #35475           

Maintenance       Fleet Maintenance Supervisor - 15+ Years of Class 8 Truck Maintenance,
   60-65,000      with Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic - Warranty, SRT Goals, Tires
   Ohio           File #35493           

Maintenance       Shop Foreman - Truck Dealer - Responsible for Scheduling Work, Manage
   59-64,000      Techs, Complete Work Timely Fashion, Parts, Inventory Control, Sales..
   Pennsylvania   File #35716           

Maintenance       Service Coordinator - Greet Customers, Billing, Close Shops, Estimates
   34-39,000      Purchase Orders, Maintenance Logs, Lease Customer Contact, Collect $$$
   Missouri       File #35597           

Operations        Truck Leasing VP and General Manager - 4,000+ Class 8 Tractors; with
   100,000+       Finance and Accounting, Equipment and Lease Databases, Forecasting-MBA
   Arizona        File #35402           

Operations        Truck Leasing Operations Manager wtih Administrative Support Skills,
   100,000+       Diesel Truck Service Advisor/Manager, Lease Contracts, Computers...
   New Jersey     File #35463           

Operations        Senior Operations Manager - 5 Terminals; 150+ Drivers - Tank, Food
   100,000+       Grade and Dedicated - w/ Safety, Recruiting, On-Boarding - BS Business
   S. Calif.      File #35471           

Operations        Executive Vice President - 1,000+ Drivers; with Training, Acquisitions
   100,000+       Special Projects, Supply Chain Solutions, Analysis, Team Builidng -MBA
   S. Carolina    File #35504           

Operations        Operations VP - $50MM+ Carrier - with Safety, Customer Service, Sales,
   100,000+       Pricing, Linehaul, Driver Retention, Equipment Utilization, TMS - BA
   Ohio           File #35522           

Operations        Operations VP - $150MM+ Trucking Company - REDUCED OPERATION RATION 6%
   100,000+       via Process Change and KPI Attainment; w/ P&L, Sales, Marketing - BS
   N. Carolina    File #35558           

Operations        Operations Vice President -Logistics- Oversee $100MM+ Business Segment
   100,000+       with P&L, Performance Metrics, Sales and Market Development, Negtn- BS
   Florida        File #35562           

Operations        Intermodal Operations and Customer Service Manager - RESPONSIBLE FOR
   S. Calif.      File #35576           

Operations        Operations Director - Truckload and Reefer - Manage Load Building,
   100,000+       Routing, Logistics, Multiple Terminals, Warehouses, Cold Chain - BA
   Colorado       File #35618           

Operations        General Manager - Trucking, Rail and Transloading Warehouse moving
   100,000+       Fruits & Vegetables; Reduced Drayage Costs; Implemented M&R Prog.- MBA
   S. Calif.      File #35696           

Operations        Operations and Linehaul Director - 500+ Employees - with Safety, Labor
   94-99,000      Recruitment, Cost Containment; Reduced Deadhead; LOWERED O/R BY 10%-BA
   Upstate NY     File #35520           

Operations        Regional Operations Manager - Truckload - Manage Fleet Managers, Load
   94-99,000      Planning, Customer Service - Minimize Deadhead, Equipment Control, CSA
   Michigan       File #35521           

Operations        Operations Director - 200+ Drivers; with Tank and Chemical Experience
   94-99,000      Supervise Dispatch, Linehaul, Terminal, P&L, Maintenance Shop, DOT...
   California     File #35531           

Operations        Operations Director- Last Mile Delivery, White Glove, 3PL, Warehousing
   94-99,000      Dedicated Fleet in Home Delivery; P&L for $10MM in Business - BS Finan
   New Jersey     File #35554           

Operations        Regional Operations Director - Truckload - w/ Dedicated Contract Carr.
   94-99,000      200+ Drivers; FACILITATED 300% WEST COAST REVENUE GROWTH in 10 Years..
   N. Calif.      File #35573           

Operations        Trucking General Manager - 400+ Company Drivers and Owner-Operators -
   94-99,000      Heavy Haul and Dry Van - w/ Safety, CSA Scores, Route Planning, Ware..
   Texas          File #35643           

Operations        CHB Operations Mgr. - CHB Licensee - Supervise Brokerage Department;
   94-99,000      Permit Qualifier; All Entries; Ocean & Air Carrier Rate & Service Neg.
   Ohio           File #35678           

Operations        Southeast Regional Director - 12 Terminals; 1,000+ Employees; w/ Daily
   89-94,000      Operations, Training, Labor Costs, On-Time Efficiency, Hire/Fire ,CSR
   Florida        File #35542           

Operations        Director of Operations - Reefer - 150 Company Drivers; 100 Owner-Ops.
   89-94,000      Upgrade Technology and Systems; Central Dispatch, Customer Srv. - BSBA
   Flroida        File #35667           

Operations        General Manager - Logistics -Multiple Sites in Two States- Financials,
   85-90,000      80+ Drivers, HOS, Safety Audits, Independent Contractors, Start-Ups...
   Florida        File #35557           

Operations        Operations Manager - 300+ Owner-Operators - Flatbed and Double Drop
   84-89,000      Decks; w/ Brokerage, Agent Relationships, Customer Service-BS Business
   Indiana        File #33895           

Operations        Tank Truck Operations Manager - Petroleum - w/ Sales and Profitability
   84-89,000      Customer Relations, Rates and Pricing, Dispatch Supervision, Maint...
   Kentucky       File #35646           

Operations        Intermodal Operations and Sales - Oversee Terminal Activities; Chassis
   80-85,000      Supply Levels, Forecasting, work with Steamship Lines, Performance, CS
   New Jersey     File #34203           

Operations        Steasmship Agency Operations and Logistics Manager- with Project Cargo
   80-85,000      Route Development, Sales, Planning, Overseas Agents, Forwarding - Span
   S. Florida     File #35532           

Operations        Regional Operations Manager - Dedicated - 9 Accounts in NJ/NY/PA Metro
   80-85,000      Area; Oversee $30KMM+ Annual Budgeted Revenue; Costs, Profitability-BS
   New Jersey     File #35610           

Operations        Regional Operations Manager - Food and Reefer - with Dedicated Fleet,
   79-84,000      265 Trucks; 410 Trucks; Supervise Dispatchers, Load Planners, Admin...
   S. Calif.      File #35450           

Operations        Operations Manager - Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding - Manage Client
   79-84,000      and Vendor Relationships; Letters of Credit; Rate Negotiation; Customs
   Miami Area     File #35580           

Operations        Intermodal Terminal Manager - Supervise 100+ Employees; w/ Maintenance
   79-84,000      Safety, Operations, Contacts with Rail, Trucking and Steamship - BSBA
   Indiana        File #35645           

Operations        Operations Manager - Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding - HANDLE 1,800
   74-79,000      SHIPMENTS PER YEAR -Manage Client and Vendor Relations; Consolidations
   Florida        File #35600           

Operations        Dedicated Fleet Operations Manager - Supervise 5 Dedicated Sites - 10
   74-79,000      Fleet Managers and 7 Dispatcher - Financial Reviews, Service Levels...
   DFW Area       File #35647           

Operations        Division Manager - Truckload - Responsible for 150 Drivers; Terminal
   74-79,000      Management; Sales, Revenue and Customer Growth, Special Dispatch- BBA
   Indiana        File #35701           

Operations        Regional Operations Mgr. -OTR Truckload and Reefer - with Planning,
   74-79,000      Maintenance, Safety, Recruiting, DOT Compliance- INCREASED TOPLINE 40%
   Texas          File #53573           

Operations        Operations and Logistics Director - Heavy-Haul, Truckload & Brokerage
   70-75,000      Backhauls, Negotiated Rates, Sales, Customer Relations, Marketing...
   New Jersey     File #35004           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Liquified Gases- Manage 30+ Drivers,
   70-75,000      Dispatchers and Shop Manager; Proficient in TMW, TMT and Peoplenet...
   Georgia        File #35099           

Operations        Tank Truck Terminal Manager with Safety, Driver Retention, Weekly
   70-75,000      Settlements, Equipment Management, Incident Reports, Dispatch, Hazmat
   Texas          File #35414           

Operations        Bi-Lingual Operations Manager - Waste Collection, Truckload and LTL -
   70-75,000      w/ Warehousing; Manage 175 Drivers; w/ Dispatch, P&L, DOT, Training...
   S. Calif.      File #35517           

Operations        Air Freight Operations Mgr. - Domestic and Im/Export - with Budgets,
   70-75,000      Rate Negotiations, Warehouse Procedures, Sales, P&L, Training, TSA...
   DFW Area       File #35535           

Operations        Operations and Logistics Manager - Heavy and Specialized Carrier - w/
   70-75,000      Planning, Budgets, P&L Coordination, Personnel, DOT Regulations - BSBA
   Pennyslvania   File #35540           

Operations        Operations Manager - Tank Truck - Oversee Dispatch of 150 Trucks a Day
   70-75,000      with Safety, FMCSA, DOT Audits, Scheduling, Routing Costs- BS Business
   S. Carolina    File #35547           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank Truck with Petroleum - Manage Two Terminals w/
   70-75,000      55 Pieces of Equipment and 35 Drivers; Former CDL with Tanker Endorse.
   S. Carolina    File #35550           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Petroleum and Asphalt - Manage 24 Hour Operation
   70-75,000      Scheduling, Receiving Via Truck, Barge, Ship and Railcar, Accounting..
   N. Carolina    File #35568           

Operations        Operations & Sales Manager - Freight Forwarding - Developed Brokerage
   70-75,000      Department with Full Truckload, Intermodal and LTL - Capacity Develop.
   Illinois       File #35589           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Reefer - Responsible for 80+ Employees; Compliance
   70-75,000      for 700+ Drivers in 15 Terminals; Dispatch, Hire, Discipline, FMCSA...
   Kentucky       File #35669           

Operations        Operations Manager - Dedicated Fleet - Manage 30 Remote Locations with
   70-75,000      175 Associates; $50MM Account; Home Delivery, Warehousing & Cross Dock
   Florida        File #35690           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Dry Bulk and Chemicals - via Truck and Containers
   70-75,000      Supervise Shop, Mechanics, Drivers; Recruit, Hire, Discipline & Safety
   Virginia       File #35692           

Operations        Senior Operations Mgr.- Led 100+ non-union employees in 3PL Warehouse
   70-75,000      Delivering Perishable, Frozen and Dry Goods; w/ P&L, Claims, Safety...
   Texas          File #35747           

Operations        Operations Managert - Truckload and Dedicated - 75 Drivers - Supervise
   70-75,000      Fleet and Key Heavy-Haul Dedicated Account - with Peoplenet, Safety...
   OKlahoma       File #35748           

Operations        Operations Manager - Truckload - 250+ Drivers and 6 Fleet Managers
   69-74,000      with AS400 Dispatch System, Understand Lanes, Costs & Rate Negotiation
   Tennessee      File #35209           

Operations        Operations Mgr. - Liquid Bulk - Schedule Drivers via TMW and Qualcomm
   69-74,000      Coordinate with Central Dispatch to Maximize Profits; Customer Service
   S. Carolina    File #35420           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank, Petroleum and Gases - with Dispatch, Customer
   69-74,000      Service, TMW, PeopleNet - Doubled Gross Profit; TRIPLED DRIVER COUNT..
   Oklahoma       File #35549           

Operations        Operations Manager -Dedicated Private Fleet - Onsite with 120+ Drivers
   69-74,000      with Cost Reduction, Intermodal - INCREASED LOAD COUNT BY 40% & Profit
   S. Calif       File #35572           

Operations        General Manager - Trailer Leasing - INCREASED REVENUE BY 600% IN FIVE
   69-74,000      YEARS; Managed Fleet Operations, Leases & Maintenance of 8,000 Trailer
   Alabama        File #35666           

Operations        Transportation Manager - Food and Reefer - Manage 6 Fleets Across MW;
   69-74,000      w/ Load Planning for 600+ Drivers; DOT and FMCSA; TMW, WMS and CAMS.
   Kansas         File #35671           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Less Than Truckload - Operations Management, Small
   65-70,000      Package Expertise; Achieved 98% On-Time Shipment Rate Multi-State...
   Colordao       File #35323           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Food Distribution with Reefer and Warehousing - P&L
   65-70,000      Budgets, DOT Compliance, Utilization of Drivers and Equipment; TMW WMS
   Pennyslvania   File #35415           

Operations        Dispatch Manager - Flatbed, Heavy-Haul, Cranes and Rigging - Manage
   65-70,000      Fleet of 30 Trucks; w/ Safety, Project Management, Overweight Permits.
   New Jersey     File #35417           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Dry Bulk and Chemical - Supervise 30+ Drivers with
   65-70,000      Operations, Safety, Review Driver Logs, P&L, Equipment Maintenance DOT
   Georgia        File #35422           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Manage Daily Operations of High Volume Trucking
   65-70,000      Terminal; with Safety, Routing, Dispatach, Manpower Planning and HR...
   Ohio           File #35442           

Operations        General Manager - Flatbed with Metals Transport - Manage Fleet, Rate
   65-70,000      Quotes, Cost and Lane Analysis, P&L, Customer Service, DOT Compliance
   Tennessee      File #35466           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank, Intermodal and Transloading - Managed Two
   65-70,000      Facilities with Dispatch, Border Crossings, DOT Compliance, CSR, PM...
   Washington     File #35551           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Oversize, Over-Weight and Over-Dimensional Loads.
   65-70,000      Establish New Accounts and Provide Rate Quotes; 60+ Drivers Dedicated.
   Kansas         File #35639           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank -Supervised 125+ Drivers; $25MM Annual Revenue
   64-69,000      w/ Operations, P&L Reports, Maintenance Records, TMW & TMT Experience
   New Jersey     File #34807           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Truckload and Waste - Supervise 70+ Drivers; with
   64-69,000      Safety Compliance, Hiring O/ps and Company Drivers; Routing, Equipment
   Georgia        File #35384           

Operations        Operations Manager - Auto Transport - Supervise Safety Department and
   64-69,000      Recruiting with Budgets, Maintenance, Marketing & New Hire Orientation
   Michigan       File #35446           

Operations        Operations Director - 150 Trucks - Asset and Non-Asset Brokerage - w/
   64-69,000      Dedicated, Safety, Maintenance, HOS, DOT, Cust. Relations, Brokerage..
   DFW Area       File #35473           

Operations        Divsion Operations Manager - Intermodal and Brokerage - with Cost
   64-69,000      Control, Business Development, ELDs, FMCSA, Maintenance, Customer Srv.
   Missouri       File #35481           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Flatbed and Truckload - with Dedicated Fleet Opers.
   64-69,000      Financial Analysis, Linehaul Rates, Full P&L Responsibility, AS400...
   Indiana        File #35491           

Operations        Terminal Mgr - Trucking & Air Cargo w/ Warehousing & Distribution, DOT
   64-69,000      & TSA Compliance, Safety Audits, Rate Negotiation w/ Outside Carriers
   S. Calif.      File #35518           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank Truck and Dry Van - with Driver Management,
   64-69,000      Load Planning, Maintenance, Logistics, Financial Data, Analysis, CSR..
   Pennsylvania   File #35648           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Tank and Chemical - 200+ Drivers; Managed Local
   64-69,000      Dispatchers, Load Planners, Drivers, Customer Relations, Safety,...
   Florida        File #35660           

Operations        Terminal Manager - Heavy and Specialized with Operations, Dispatch
   64-69,000      Supervision, Maintenance of Equipment, Operations of Brokerage, Hire..
   New Jersey     File #35675           

Operations        Dispatch Manager - 150+ Trucks - Bulk and Tank - Train Dispatchers on
   64-69,000      HOS, E-Logs, Qualcomm, and McLeod Dispatch System, DOT, Canadian Cust.
   Michigan       File #35691           

Operations        Regional Planner and Dispatch Coordinator - Truckload - 150 Drivers -
   62-67,000      IC, Dedicated, Regtional, Team and OTR - w/ Communication and CSR...
   DFW Area       File #35732           

Operations        Operations Mgr. - Responsible for Three Dedicated Fleets; with TMW,
   60-65,000      Customer Service, Certtified Smith Driver Trainer, Class A CDL License
   Ohio           File #34421           

Operations        Terminal Manager Dispatcher -with Operations, New Business Development
   60-65,000      Asphalt & Tank Truck Experience, Safety, Equipment, Driver Recruiting
   Arkansas       File #35477           

Operations        Dedicated Operations Leader - Dry Van & Reefer - On-Site - 150 Drivers
   60-65,000      with Safety, Load Planning, Driver Mgt., Customer Service, BackHauls..
   Pennsylvania   File #35494           

Operations        Dedicated Operations Mgr. - Four Accounts w/ Annual Revenue of $12MM+
   60-65,000      Manage Team Drivers, Safety, DOT Compliance, Budgeting, Schedules-BSBA
   Mississippi    File #35503           

Operations        Terminal Manager- Responsible for Daily Warehouse Operations - Sorting
   60-65,000      Loading, Unloading, Routing, Hiring, Training, Customer Relations, P&L
   New Jersey     File #35578           

Operations        Senior Load Planner - 250 Drivers - Dry Van and Reefer - with Driver
   60-65,000      Recruiting, Dedicated Contract Carriage, Equipment Maintenance/Repair
   Illinois       File #35583           

Operations        Operations Manager with Safety, Recrutiing and Retention of Drivers;
   60-65,000      Set up Backhauls, Negotiate Rate Strucktures w/ 3PLs & Brokerage, HOS
   Indiana        File #35611           

Operations        Operations Manager - 150 Truck OTR- Responsible for Drivers and Office
   60-65.000      Personnel; Customer Serv.; Make sure KPIs are Met; Equipment Utiliztn.
   Florida        File #35650           

Operations        Operations & Sales - Petroleum Products - Manage Night Dispatch, Fuel
   60-65,000      Inventory - Delivered $2MM in Gross New Sales of Chemical & Refined-BA
   Texas          File #35707           

Operations        Louisiana Mgr.- Operations - Liquid Gasses - 45 Drivers, 140 Trailers
   60-65,000      with Safety, Environmental, Recruit Train and Retain, Logs, DOT, Audit
   Louisiana      File #35736           

Operations        Dispatch Flatbeds, OOG Cargo, Vans and Containers - with Customer Srv.
   59-64,000      Rates, Brokerage, Chassis Inventory, Hazmat Documentation, Collections
   Houston Area   File #35348           

Operations        Truckload Operations Coordinator with Logistics, Intermodal, Rail,
   59-64,000      LTL Consolidations, Sales, Warehousing and Distribution - Train CSRs..
   S. Calif.      File #35577           

Operations        Intermodal Terminal Mgr. - OTR and Local Drivers; Dispatch, Payroll;
   59-64,000      Work Closely with Steamship Lines, Freight Forwarders, Railroads, CSR
   Georgia        File #35612           

Operations        Fleet Manager - Truckload and Intermodal - w/ Sales - Manage Drivers
   59-64,000      to Execute Freight Movement in Safe, Legal and Cost Effective Way- BBA
   Georgia        File #35688           

Operations        Dispatch Manager - 150+ Owner-Operators - LA and LB Ports and Rail- w/
   59-64,000      Driver Recruiting, Load Planning, Hazardous and Overweight, Trinium...
   S. Calif.      File #35695           

Operations        Asst. Terminal Manager - Auto and Truck Transport - Direct Operations
   59-64,000      for 200+ Drivers - w/ Shop Liason, Productivity, Equip Utilization- BA
   Texas          File #35709           

Operations        Terminal Operations and Marine Superintendent - Oversee all Load and
   59-64,000      Discharge Activities; Receive 600 Containers a Day from Vessels; Span.
   New Jersey     File #35713           

Operations        Dispatcher with Load Planning - Track Drivers during Deliveries and
   55-60,000      Assign Pickups according to Geographical Location; DOT Regs; Cust. Srv
   New Jersey     File #35411           

Operations        Dedicated On-Site Fleet Leader - Manage Distribution Center with 25
   50-55,000      Drivers for Major Truckload Carrier; Handle Safety, Payroll, Cust. Srv
   N. Carolina    File #35467           

Operations        Terminal Manger - Auto Transporter - Supervise Loading and Shipping of
   55-60,000      30,000 Vehicles Annually; 99.75% Damage Free Ratio; Hire/Train Drivers
   Indiana        File #35480           

Operations        Fleet Manager - Heavy-Haul Supervisor with FMCSA/DOT Regulations,
   55-60,000      Maintenance Scheduling, Customer Service, Human Resources, Billing...
   Georgia        File #35640           

Operations        Operations Manager - Dedicated Fleet and Contract Carriage - Use Route
   55-60,000      Planning Software to Build Efficient Delivery; Manage Contractors -BS
   Nevada         File #35744           

Operations        Operations Manager - Reefer - with Load Planning, Customer Service,
   54-59,000      Dispatch, Dedicated Fleet, Track and Trace, Work w/ Brokers as Necess.
   DFW Area       File #34445           

Operations        Trucking Operations Supervisor - Petroleum and Acid - Supervise 35+
   54-59,000      Tank Vehicles, Drivers, Fleet Maintenance, Dispatch and Safety Depmt.
   Upstate NY     File #34600           

Operations        Operations Supervisor - Tank Truck and Petroleum - with Dispatch,
   54-59,000      Scheduling, Customer Service, Log Audits and Reconciliation, DOT Regs
   Florida        File #35114           

Operations        Ocean Import Operations Manager w/ Customer Service - Manage Team of
   54-59,000      15; Develop SOPs; w/ Customs Brokerage, Rate Negotiation with Trucking
   Illinois       File #35429           

Operations        Driver Manager - Dispatch Dry Van Drivers in OK, TX and CO Area.  HOS
   54-59,000      Monitoring, Utilize McLeod / Loadmaster Software and TMW, Fuel Quest..
   Texas          File #35452           

Operations        Regional Driver Manager- Supervise Dispatch, Load Planning, Scheduling
   54-59,000      Utilize TMW,TMS and Qualcomm Software; Truckload and LTL Shipments,...
   Pennsylvania   File #35498           

Operations        Terminal Manager with Intermodal Dispatch, DOT Compliance, Route Mgt.,
   54-59,000      Match Import containers to Export Bookings, Demurrage, Safety, CSR...
   Maryland       File #35505           

Operations        Operations Manager - Heavy Haul, Brokerage and Intermodal - Asset and
   50-55,000      Non-Asset - with CSR, Inside Sales, Rate Negotiation, Long Haul - BA
   Wisconsin      File #35507           

Operations        Load Planner / Dispatcher - Supervised Fleet of 100 Tractors - Local &
   52-57,000      OTR; Create Daily Load Plans; Ensure all Loads are Covered; AS400, DOT
   N. Carolina    File #35516           

Operations        Operations Manager - 55 Power Units and 140 Trailers; with Safety,
   54-59,000      Productivity, Customer Service - INCREASED PROFITABILITY BY 17% - BBA
   N. Carolina    File #35523           

Operations        Backhaul Dispatcher and Load Planner - 30+ Drivers - Move Freight in
   54-59,000      the most Cost Effective Manner; Customer Service; Minimize Deadhead...
   Pennsylvania   File #35579           

Operations        Bi-Lingual Account Manager - Manage Ocean Going Vessels in Black Oil
   54-59,000      and Refined Liquid Bulk Jones Act Trades w/ Occasional Foreign Voyages
   Houston Area   File #35592           

Operations        Transportation Manager - Tank Truck - Cooradinate Daily Assignment and
   54-59,000      Contracted Resources to Maximize Equipment Utility; Ensure Prewashes..
   Texas          File #35665           

Operations        Fleet Operations Mgr. - Reefer and Truckload - with Sales, Customer
   54-59,000      Srv. & Retention; Supervise 80+ Drivers; Proficient in AS400 QualComm
   Georgia        File #35670           

Operations        Dispatcher / Driver Manager - 50+ Drivers - with Load Planning for
   54-59,000      Reefer, Tanker and Dry Van - Pricing Quotes, AS400, E-Logs, McCloud...
   Florida        File #35675           

Operations        Operatins Manager - Truckload - Daily Dispatch of 50 Drivers - OTR and
   54-59,000      Port - with Safety, PUD, AS400 Systems, Manage Departure & Arrival CSR
   Washington     File #35740           

Operations        Fleet Manager - Manage 20+ Owner-Operators on a Daily Basis; w/ Load
   50-55,000      Planning; Negotiate Rates with Brokers if necessaray; TMW, DAT360...
   New Jersey     File #35409           

Operations        Central Dispatcher - TAnk, Petroleum and Intermodal- Daily Supervision
   50-55,000      and Scheduling of Drivers; Cost Control, DOT, Tags & Permits, Fuel Tax
   Pennsylvania   File #35441           

Operations        Int'l Ocean Export Supervisor - Coordiante all LCL, FLC, BB and OOG
   50-55,000      Freight Worldwide; Manage Contracts with Steamship Lines;; Documentatn
   Houston Area   File #35537           

Operations        Operations Manager - Reefer and Flatbed - FMCSA and DOT Compliance,
   50-55,000      IFTA/IRP Paperwork, Maintenance, Safety, Brokerage Backhauls, Cust Srv
   Alabama        File #35559           

Operations        Head Dispatcher - Heavy and Specialized - Order Permits for Over Width
   49-54,000      and Over-Length; Trailer Knowledge; Customer Service, Schedule Loads..
   Houston Area   File #34470           

Operations        Operations Manager -Refrigerated- Run Board of 25+ Driver Coordinating
   49-54,000      Pick Up and Delivery, Computers, KPIs, Customer Relations - BS Bus...
   DFW Area       File #35197           

Operations        Customer Service and Dispatch with Import, NVOCC, Intermodal, Hazmat,
   49-54,000      Bonded Cargo, Demurrage, Detention, Operations, Warehousing, LCL, FCL.
   New Jersey     File #35400           

Operations        Operations Coordinator - Tank Truck - with Dispatch, Safety Training,
   49-54,000      Analyze Terminal P&L, Recruitment & Retention, Metrics, TMW, Peoplenet
   Kansas         File #35447           

Operations        Dispatcher with Intermodal - Ports and Railroads - Dispatch within a
   49-54,000      400 Mile Radius; Manage Drivers; Solve Problems; Prioritize Demurrage
   New Jersey     File #35489           

Operations        Experienced Dispatcher / Driver Manager - with AS400, Create Gate
   49-54,000      Passes, Driver Paperwork, Assign Backhaul Loads, Monitor ETAs, OS&D...
   Pennyslvania   File #35492           

Operations        Operations Manager - Dispatcher - Dedicated Retail Account - Managed
   49-54,000      100+ Drivers in Distribution Center; w/ DOT Compliance, HOS, Training
   S. Carolina    File #35496           

Operations        Fuel Truck Dispatcher - Manage Wireless Tank Monitors; Maintain Fuel
   49-54,000      Supply per Contract; Verify Delivery per GPS; DOT Compliance; CDL Lic.
   Florida        File #35497           

Operations        Load Planner & Dispatcher with Customer Service and Logistics with 3PL
   49-54,000      Manager Company Assets for On Time Delivery; Supervise Drivers & Ware.
   Pennsylvania   File #35534           

Operations        Fleet Manager with Dispatch and Driver Recruiting - Built Fleet from
   49-54,000      15 to 45 Trucks; with Intermodal, Retention, Arrange Backhauls, HOS...
   Florida        File #35621           

Operations        Fleet Operations Coordinator - Flatbed - Control a Board of 50 Drivers
   45-50,000      Maintain Relations between Drivers, Agents and Customers; Loads, Lanes
   Kentucky       File #35418           

Operations        Dispatcher - Intermodal and Tank Truck - Input Loads into AS400 System
   45-50,000      Track Empty Containers; 30 Drivers; Route, Check Inventory Levels, Pay
   Atlanta Area   File #35633           

Operations        Logistics Account Manager - Maximize Revenue w/ Core Accounts; Reduce
   45-50,000      Deadhead; Cust, Service, On-Time Delivery, DOT, HOS, Dedicated Fleet.
   Florida        File #35642           

Operations        Logistics Coordinator, Dispatcher and Office Manager - Contact Brokers
   45-50,000      Negotiate Pay, Book Load; DOT and OSHA Compliance, E-Logs, Billing...
   Florida        File #35656           

Operations        Transportation Operations Mgr. - Schedule Drivers for Import Pick-Ups;
   45-50,000      Maintenance, Logistics, 40 Drivers, TMW, EDI, AS400, Navitrace, E-Logs
   Texas          File #35726           

Operations        ECT Planner - Truckload - Trained in Team Coverage of OTR & Dedicated
   45-50,000      Routes for Fuel, Cust. Info, Pay Issues, Dispatch, Support, WMS AS400
   S. Calif.      File #35727           

Operations        Operations & Logistics Manager for 20 Dedicated Truck Lanes throughout
   44-49,000      Midwest and Southeastern States; Worked with Brokerage and Load Boards
   Tennessee      File #35486           

Operations        Operations and Customer Service - Assigned to $3MM Account; Managed &
   44-49,000      Scheduled 20 Driver Fleet and Equipment w/ Dispatch, Logistics, Hire..
   Upstate NY     File #35581           

Operations        Air and Ocean Operations Coordinator w/ Bookings, Pick-Up and Delivery
   44-49,000      Documentation, Customer Service, Contact Carriers for NOAs, AIB Rules
   New Jersey     File #35586           

Operations        Operations Coordinator - Work On-Site of Dedicated Customer;; Handle
   42-47,000      Dispatch, TMW Systems; Assist Drivers w/ any Truck or Load Issue, HOS
   Virginia       File #35487           

Operations        Agent / Dispatcher - Route and Dispatch Driver All over S. Calif and
   39-44,000      Linehaul; Logs, Negotiate Pricing, Harbor Rules/Regs - Oversize, Reef
   S. Calif.      File #35641           

Opertions         Operations Director - Truckload, Intermodal & Dedicated- 500+ Tractors
   100,000+       6 Terminals in Western States; w/ Plans, Budget Analysis, P&L; Span-BS
   California     File #34853           

Parts             Parts Manager - Truck Dealership - Increased Parts Sales by 35%; Also
   59-64,000      Handled Service Department and Safety.  Responsible for 6 Locations...
   Illinois       File #35635           

Parts             Outside Parts Sales and Service Representative - Peterbilt, Volvo,
   54-59,000      Mack, Autocar, Freightliner and Sterling - w/ Inventory, Customer Srv.
   California     File #35594           

Parts             Truck Parts Technical Sales - INCREASED SALES FROM $1.2MM TO $1.5MM A
   49-54,000      MONTH - Answered 50 to 70 Calls a Day Pertaining to Shipments & Orders
   Tennessee      File #32396           

Personnel         Human Resources Manager with Safety, Recruitment & Retention; Lowered
   75-80,000      Turnover Rate; Counseled Bulk and Tank Drivers on CSA Score; MBA in HR
   Ohio           File #35449           

Pricing           Pricing Manager with Intermodal - Contract Negotiations, Pricing
   94-99,000      Strategy, Logistics Management, Strategic Planning, Network Analysis..
   Georgia        File #35488           

Pricing           Director of Pricing - Intermodal and Drayage - w/ Operations, Sales,
   75-80,000      Customer Service - Manage 5 Western Terminals w/ 150 Drivers & O/ops..
   Nevada         File #33069           

Pricing           Pricing Manager - Intermodal, 3PL and LTL - Examine and Evaluate RFPs;
   70-75,000      Recruit Staff; Oversee Training Programs; Resolve Customer Complaints.
   Texas          File #35750           

Pricing           Pricing Analyst - Automotive Specialist - Handle all Quotes and Cost
   65-70,000      Estimates; Upload Data to SAP system; Maintain Margin Reports/Analysis
   Michigan       File #35702           

Pricing           International Pricing Analyst - Set Update and Maintain Rates for all
   60-65,000      Int'l Ocean Import & Export; Drayage and Transloading; BS Logistics...
   S. Calif.      File #35723           

Pricing           Pricing Analyst - Truckload - Provide Customers with Rate Quotes and
   60-65,000      Pricing - Analyze Bid & Lane Data; Manage Fuel Surcharge Data Base -BA
   S. Calif.      File #35749           

Pricing           IFF Export Pricing Supervisor - w/ Ocean and Air, Traffic, Rate Quotes
   49-54,000      Documentation, Sales, Tariffs, Logistics, Operations - Spanish Fluency
   Florida        File #35527           

Pricing           Pricing Coordinator - Air/Ground/Rail - Performs Analysis and Pricing
   49-54,000      for Spot Rates and RFQs.  Assist Operations with Tariff Issues; Imode.
   Michigan       File #35703           

Recruiting        Recruiting and Safety Director - 1,000 Independent Contractors - with
   100,000+       Tenstreet, DOT Compliance, Compensation Plans, Retention, FMCSA - BS
   Ohio           File #34757           

Recruiting        Director of Driver Recruing - HIRED OVER 1,500 DRIVERS  - with Safety,
   94-99,000      Supervised In-house, Field Recruiters and Team of Processors w/ Tank..
   Michigan       File #35719           

Recruiting        Recruiting Manager with Capacity Development and Human Resources -
   84-89,000      Truckload and Flatbed - 1,000+ Owner-Operators; Supervise 20 - MBA
   Alabama        File #35182           

Recruiting        Recruiting Director - Truckload - Led Team of 15 Driver Recruiters w/
   84-89,000      Advertising, Digital Search, Branding, Content Marketing, Personnel-BA
   Washington     File #35455           

Recruiting        Midwest Recruiting Manager - 650 Drivers - Truckload - with Retention,
   79-84,000      Advertising, Safety, Operations, Compensation Plans, Web Site Develop.
   Kansas         File #35093           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiting Manager - Truckload and Flatbed - Manage Recruiting,
   79-84,000      Retention and Training Programs; Search Strategies; Advertising, DOT..
   Pennyslvania   File #35428           

Recruiting        Recruiting Director - 1,000+ Trucks - with Capacity Development - Both
   75-80,000      Owner-Ops & Co. Drivers; INCRASED DRIVER COUNT BY 500 - Multiple Terms
   Ohio           File #35203           

Recruiting        Director of Field Recruiting - Dry Van Truckload and Tank Truck - Lead
   75-80,000      Field Recruiters, Relationships w/ CDL Schools, Presentation, Job Fair
   JAX, Florida   File #35546           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiting Manager - 30+ Locations with Intermodal & Retention
   74-79,000      Partner with Safety; Reorganize and Streamline Onboarding Process...
   Ohio           File #35552           

Recruiting        Recruiting Manager - Owner-Operators and Company Drivers - Dry Van,
   74-79,000      Flatbed, Reefer & Tank - w/ Web Advertising - HIRED 20+ DRIVER a Month
   Pennsylvania   File #35615           

Recruiting        Recruiting Manager wi/Driver Training - Develop Recruiting Strategies
   74-79,000      to meet needs within budget; Safety, On-Boarding - Smith System - CDL.
   Ohio           File #35737           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter with Sales and Operations - Recruit Owner-Operators
   65-70,000      & Co. Drivers; 500+ Power & 1,700+ Trailers; Hired 200+ Drivers Per Yr
   Alabama        File #35394           

Recruiting        Recruiting Manager - Truckload - Manage Driver Recruiting Team and
   65-70,000      Safety Coordinator; Write Lease-Purchase Agreements; Review Verificatn
   Missouri       File #35395           

Recruiting        Driver Recruting Manager - 350+ Power Units; Maintained 95%+ Seated
   64-69,000      Online Tractor Fleet; Limited Turnover to 40% for Fleet; Tenstreet ATS
   Oregon         File #35393           

Recruiting        Agent Recruiting - Developed New Agent Program; Recruiting DOD, LTL
   64-69,000      and Truckload Freight Agents; Responsible for Advertising & Marketing
   Tennessee      File #35605           

Recruiting        Corporate Recruiting and Retention Mgr.- Provide Potential Contractors
   59-64,000      Info to entice them to Lease their Equipment with Company; Evaluate...
   Georgia        File #35663           

Recruiting        Senior Driver Recruiter - Ability to Select, Secure and Close Top
   55-60,000      Candidates; Mentor New Recruiters; Increased Fleet Size by 130 in 4 Yr
   Ohio           File #35403           

Recruiting        Senior Driver Recruiter - Company Drivers and Owner-Operators; High
   54-59,000      Volume Recruiter - Truckload & LTL - Helped Achieve 100% Capacity, DAC
   Utica, NY      File #34019           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter with Advertising, Tenstreet, Social Media, Set Up
   54-59,000      Candidate for Drug Screens and Physicals; Increased Fleet Size by 25%
   Michigan       File #35410           

Recruiting        Recruiting Mgr. - Dry Van & Reefer - with Safety; Manage 5 Recruiters;
   54-59,000      Approve Drivers per Hiring Critera; Source Class A CDLs; Advertising
   Texas          File #35454           

Recruiting        Oversee Full Cycle Recruiting Process: Screen, Interview, Background
   54-59,000      and Drug Testing, MVR and PSP Reports, New Hire Orientation - BS Deg.
   Illinois       File #35563           

Recruiting        Reagional Driver Recruiter - Intermodal - w/ Safety, Background Checks
   52-57,000      DAC, Logs, Random Drug Tests, Retention, Dispatch, AS400 - Span. Fluen
   S. Calif.      File #33810           

Recruiting        Field Recruiter - Truckload - Source, Screen, Interview and Hire
   52-57,000      Qualified Over-the-Road Drivers; Utilize Internet Source & Track Appl.
   Ohio           File #35404           

Recruiting        Full Cycle Recruiter - Source Candidates from Online, Cold Calls,
   50-55,000      Previous Employees; - Interview, DOT, On-Boarding, Drug Screens, HR...
   Arizona        File #35407           

Recruiting        Recruiting Manager with Safety for Fleet of 80 Trucks - Dry Van & Flat
   50-55,000      w/ Onboarding, Background & Drug Tests, DOT & Personnel Files, Permits
   Utah           File #35453           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiting - Truckload, Flatbed and Driving School - Introduced
   50-55,000      Company to over 75 Driving Schools in Area; Follow-up Presentations...
   Pennsylvania   File #35657           

Recruiting        Corporate Fleet Recruiter - Nationally Recruit OTR Class A Drivers;
   49-54,000      Use Tenstreet ATS; Ensure all BG, Employment Verifications, MVRs- BSBA
   Ohio           File #35662           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - Correspond with Drivers and Prospective Drivers
   45-50,000      Daily; Follow-up on Applications; MRVs; Pre-Qualify Dirvers; DAC, PSP
   Indiana        File #35388           

Recruiting        Independent/Remote Driver Recruiter - Small Town Type; Does Recruiting
   45-50,000      Fairs; Pivotal Part of Retention Process and Problem Solving; Dispatch
   Missouri       File #35406           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - Oil Field - with Dispatch and Logistics -Pre-Screen
   45-50,000      Class A CDL Candidates; Evaluate Qualifications; Retention, TMW, TenSt
   DFW Area       File #35733           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - CDL-A Drivers via Phone and Computer - Run & Review
   40-45,000      MVR, PSP, DAC; Manage all Company Social Media; Create & Post Adverts.
   Kentucky       File #35658           

Safety            Safety Manager - with Compliance and HR for 1,000+ Company Drivers and
   100,000+       Owner-Operators - Truckload and Flatbed - Hazmat, FMCSA Regs, CSA Data
   Florida        File #35421           

Safety            Director of Safety, Security, Recruiting and Claims - Oversaw Safety
   100,000+       Management Protocols for 1,000+ Drivers; DOT, Accident Investigation..
   Florida        File #35711           

Safety            Fleet Safety and Transportation Director - 750 Drivers - w/ Compliance
   84-89,000      Regulatory Issues, Reducing Crashes, CSA Scores, ELogs - 50 Locations
   Washington     File #35575           

Safety            Safety Director - Tank Truck and Petroluem - NATMI Certified Director
   80-85,000      of Safety - 7 Terminals in Four States with 200+ Drivers; Elogs, Claim
   Indiana        File #35419           

Safety            Director of Safety and Compliance - 12 Terminals - Oversee Driver
   80-85,000      Qualification Process and Review Applications; Accident Investigation
   Tennessee      File #35604           

Safety            Safety & Recruiting Director - 300+ Drivers - with Compliance, Hazmat,
   80-85,000      CSA Scores, DOT Rules and Regs; Evaluate Drivers; Smith System - BSBA
   Missouri       File #35714           

Safety            Director of Safety and Operations - 200+ Truck Fleet- Reduced Accident
   74-79,000      Claims $600K; Reduced Driver Turnover by 25%; Improved HOS Compliance
   Alabama        File #34955           

Safety            Safety Director - Tank Truck and Petroleum Carrier- w/ Risk Management
   74-79,000      Fleet Maintenance, Hazmat Tank Testing, Equipment, HOS, Insurance, DOT
   Kentucky       File #35280           

Safety            Safety and Risk Manager - Trucking and Waste - with High "SafeStat"
   74-79,000      Score; DOT Regulations and Compliance, Claims, Hiring and Training...
   New Jersey     File #35401           

Safety            Regional Safety Director - 300+ Drivers - Refrigerated and Truckload -
   74-79,000      w/ Compliance, Smith System Driver Training, Elogs, Improve CSA Scores
   Alabama        File #35427           

Safety            Safety Director - Refrigerated and Tank - 250 Trucks - with Driver
   70-75,000      Recruiting, DOT/FMCSA, Maintenance, Training & Orientation, E-Logs,...
   S. Calif.      File #33268           

Safety            Safety and Recruiting Director with Personnel - 200 Tractors and 600
   70-75,000      Trailers; Reduced FMCSA - CSA Scores through Focused Group Training...
   Indiana        File #35398           

Safety            Fleet Safety Manager - Private Fleet with 50+ Facilities and 1,000
   70-75,000      Tractors; with DOT Compliance, Driver Qualification Files, CSA Scores
   New Jersey     File #35439           

Safety            Safety Manager - 500+ Drivers - with Flatbed; REDUCED ACCIDETN CLAIMS
   70-75,000      BY 25%; Driver Training; DOT Audits; Worked w/ Dispatcher & Driver Mgr
   Oregon         File #35706           

Safety            Safety and Compliance Manager - w/ Flatbed and Heavy-Haul - Permits,
   69-74,000      Recruiting, Owner-Operators, Insurance Claims, Hazmat - 200+ Drivers..
   Wisconsin      File #34821           

Safety            Safety Manager - 175+ Owner-Operators - Reefer - w/ Recruiting, DOT
   69-74.000      Compliance, Accident Investigation, Claims, Truck & Trailer Inspectns.
   DFW Area       File #35673           

Safety            Safety Manager - Truckload and LTL; 125+ Drivers - w/ DOT Compliance
   64-69,000      and Records; Log Audits; FMCSA Score; Use DataQ; Driver Training - BS
   S. Carolina    File #34556           

Safety            Regional Safety Manager - Tank Truck - with Driver Training for Five
   64-69,000      Terminals; FMCSA and OSHA Compliance; Program Development, Records...
   Georgia        File #35548           

Safety            Director of Safety - Oversee Recruiting Process, Accident Review,
   64-69,000      Evaluate Driver Skills, TMW Dispatching, CDL, Log and DOT Compliance..
   Utah           File #35668           

Safety            Safety & Operations Manager - Fuel & Lube Company - Manage 5 Locations
   64-69,000      & about 50 Drivers; w/ Maintenance, Equipment Control, DOT, EPA & CSA
   Louisiana      File #35739           

Safety            Safety and Fleet Manager - Flatbed & Tank - 60+ Drivers and Equipment
   60-65,000      with Operations, Maintenance and Driver Recruiting - DOT Inspections
   Texas          File #34082           

Safety            Safety Manager - Flatbed - with Compliance, Claims, DOT Inspections,
   60-65,000      Fuel and Tax, Licensing, Permitting, Drug Tests, Driver Qualification.
   Upstate NY     File #35479           

Safety            Safety Manager - Truckload - with Compliance, On-boarding of All
   60-65,000      Drivers, Manage Personnel & Medical Files, DOT Audits, Drug & Alcohol
   Tennessee      File #35629           

Safety            Truckload Safety, Driver Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Engagement -
   59-64,000      Continuous Improvement in DOT/OSHA Compliance; Hired 20% More Drivers
   Texas          File #35602           

Safety            District Field Safety Supervisor - Tank Truck and Petroleum Carrier -
   59-64,000      All Endorsements, Safety Inspections, Computer Knowledge, CDL License
   New York       File #35684           

Safety            Safety and Recruiting Director - w/ Driver Training, DOT Files, Elogs,
   55-60,000      &  Retention for Three Terminals; REDUCED DRIVER TURNOVER BY 41%; CDL
   N. Carolina    File #35508           

Safety            Safety Manager - 125+ Drivers- with Compliance, Claims, Investigations
   55-60,000      DOT Audits, Recruiting and Screening, Hire Onboarding, Drug & Alcohol.
   Illinois       File #35628           

Safety            Safety Coordinator with Driver Training - Truckload and Dedicated - w/
   54-59,000      Load Planning, ETC Operations, Fleet Leader, HOS, DOT Compliance - BA
   Arizona        File #35483           

Safety            Safety Specialist with Operations- Contractor Settlements, Recruitment
   54-59,000      and Retention; New Driver On-Boarding, Submit Logs, Inspections - BBA
   Washington     File #35484           

Safety            Safety Coordinator - 51% CSA SCORE REDUCTION - Previously Reduced DOT
   54-59,000      Recordable Accidents by 60%; Fleet Size 300 Units; Afterhours Dispatch
   Indiana        File #35571           

Safety            Safety and Compliance Supervisor - Hire, Train and Coach Class A DOT
   54-59,000      Drivers; Reduced Accidents by 50%+; Conduct Monthly DOE & EHS Meetings
   Atlanta Area   File #35622           

Safety            Safety Specialist with Personnel, Driver Qualifications and Compliance
   54-59,000      HOS, E-Logs, Employment Verification, Lease Purchase Program Details..
   Minnesota      File #35624           

Safety            Safety & Compliance Manager - Flatbed, Truckload and Tank - 50 Drivers
   50-55,000      w/ Safety Training and Programs, Claims Mgt., Improve CSA Scores -BBA
   Ohio           File #34667           

Safety            Safety, Recruiting and Driver Training - former Owner-Operator - with
   50-55,000      Port and Intermodal Experience; Review MRVs, Background Checks, DOT...
   New Jersey     File #35661           

Safety            Safety Supervisor - Tank Truck Carrier - Manage Driver Routes & Assist
   50-55,000      with any inquiries; Provide Adequate Permits and Services; JJ Keller..
   Illinois       File #35734           

Safety            Safety Manager - Small Trucking Company using Owner-Operators with
   45-50,000      Driver Training and Hiring, Safety Audits, Compliance, Logs and Files
   Illinois       File #35623           

Safety            Safety Coordinator - with Driver Qualifications, Compliance, Driver
   45-50,000      Payables, Insurance, License Plate Administration and Renewal, Agents
   Ohio           File #35634           

Sales             Territory Sales Manager - Agricultural and Industrial Equipment - Over
   135,000+       $100MM in Gross Revenue - Tractors, Combines and Class 8 Trucks - BSBA
   Illinois       File #35614           

Sales             Sales Executive - Truckload & Refrigerated - Meet $10MM Yearly Revenue
   100,000+       Goals; w/ Complex Sales, Strategic Partnerships, Relationship Building
   Ohio           File #34630           

Sales             Sales & Logistics Director - Harbor Drayage, Warehousing and Brokerage
   100,000+       Developed Domestic Brokerage Division for NVOCC w/ Carrier Sourcing...
   S. Calif.      File #34992           

Sales             IFF Area Sales Manager - Responsible for 10+ Sales Hunters and Route
   100,000+       Development Managers; w/ Staff Motivation, Competitive Marketing - BBA
   Atlanta Area   File #35526           

Sales             National Accounts Director - Truckload - Increased Revenue 100% in 4
   100,000+       Years w/ Tier 1 Accts; Cost Analysis, Long Term Partnerships, NAFTA...
   Ohio           File #35541           

Sales             Sales and Marketing Manager - Fresh Produce - with Operations, New
   100,000+       Business Development, Brokerage, Team Leadership, Pricing, Research...
   S. Florida     File #35617           

Sales             Southeast Sales Manager - Petroleum, Other Liquids & Dry Bulk - $100MM
   100,000+       Territory; Worked w/ 7 Terminals; Analyze Business Needs; New Biz Dev.
   Florida        File #35687           

Sales             Chemical Sales Manager - Import/Export and Intermodal - Grow Chemical
   100,000+       Vertical & Energy Market - Relationships w/ Customers, Vendors, Agents
   Texas          File #35693           

Sales             Customer Development Director - with National Account Sales, Chemical
   94-99,000      Logistics, Dedicated Contract Carriage, International Logistics - BBA
   Ohio           File #35582           

Sales             Sales and Operations VP with Trucking and Warehousing - Supervise 125+
   94-99,000      Personnel - w/ New Business Development, Marketing Strategies, P&L...
   New Jersey     File #35649           

Sales             National Account Manager - $11MM+ Sales - with Truckload, Intermodal;
   94-99,000      Supported Brokerage Services; Cross-Border, TMS - MW, NE and West-BSBA
   Indiana        File #35717           

Sales             Sales and Operations Director - $50MM+ in Three States; LTL, Expedited
   89-94,000      and Intermodal; Supervise 10 Account Managers in VA, NC and SC - BA
   N. Carolina    File #35543           

Sales             Sales Manager - Refrigerated, Truckload and Intermodal - with National
   84-89,000      Accounts, Business Development, Sales Supervision, Pricing, Growth-BS
   Pennsylvania   File #34928           

Sales             Sales Manager - Asset Based Flatbed and Brokerage - with New Business
   80-85,000      Development, Rating and Pricing for Specialized Fleet; Heavy-Haul...
   Houston Area   File #35476           

Sales             Sales Manager - 3PL Freight Brokerage- Design and Implement Strategies
   80-85,000      to Generate Revenue; Top Sales Performer; Complex Negotiation - BS Bus
   Missouri       File #35567           

Sales             Area Sales Manager - Commercial Truck Dealership and Leasing Company -
   79-84,000      Sell Regional, National and Local Accounts; 5 Year Business Plan, Fin.
   N. California  File #35590           

Sales             Fleet Sales Manager - Semi- Trailer Manufacturer - $20MM P&L Area -
   79-84,000      w/ Inventory Tracking, Sign New Dealerships, GREW REGION $8MM IN 5 YRS
   Massachusetts  File #35591           

Sales             Nat'l Sales Executive - LTL & Final Mile - Built Area from $0 to $6MM
   79-84,000      in Six Years; Cultivate Prospects; Long Term Relationships; 3PL & P&L
   Maryland       File #35651           

Sales             Project Cargo Sales Manager - New Business Development, Logistical
   74-79,000      Solutions for Im/Export, Harbor Transportation, Pricing, Rate Quotatns
   S. Calif.      File #35482           

Sales             Southeast Regional Sales Manager - Reefer and Truckload - Managed 10
   74-79,000      States with 80% Travel; New Business Development; National Accounts-BS
   S. Carolina    File #35670           

Sales             Heavy Duty Truck Sales - New and Used - to Corporation, Municipalities
   70-75,000      and Individuals; In and Outside - Previous Lease Account Management-BA
   N. Carolina    File #35512           

Sales             Sales Manager for Trucking Company with Customer Service, Dispatch,
   70-75,000      Brokering Loads, OTR Backhaul, Obtained Major Accounts; Kept Existing
   S. Calif       File #35742           

Sales             Sales Executive - Asset and Brokerage - Truckload and LTL - New Biz
   69-74,000      Development; Develop Carrier Base; Cold Calls, Lanes, Pricing - BSBA
   Ohio           File #35396           

Sales             Regional Sales Managaer - Southeastern States - Heavy-Haul, Rigging
   69-74,000      Over-Dimensional, MIllwright Services - Aerospace and Government Ind.
   Tennessee      File #35607           

Sales             Lease and Rental Manager - Truck Leasing - Manage Large Corporate Acct
   65-70,000      throughout U.S. Strong Telemarketing; Increase Volume, Margin, Revenue
   Florida        File #35640           

Sales             Sales Executive - Freight Forwarding, Trucking, Special Projects -with
   64-69,000      NVOCC, Air & Ocean Import/Export - Oil, Gas, Hazardous Materials -BSBA
   Houston Area   File #33031           

Sales             Territory Sales Manager - Class 5 to 8 Equipment,  Work Trucks, Towing
   64-69,000      & Recovery, Parts & Accessories - Western States Territory; Cold Calls
   Washington     File #35412           

Sales             Sales and Marketing Director - $20MM Tank Truck Carrier - Inside and
   64-69,000      Outside Sales, Revenue Analysis, Cold Calls, Cust. Serv., Prospectiing
   Virginia       File #35630           

Sales             Business Development Manager - Truckload and Reefer - $2.5MM+ Annual
   64-69,000      Sales; Knowledge or Refrigerated Rates Throughout East and Midwest...
   Pennsylvania   File #35644           

Sales             Lease Account Exect. -Truck Dealership- Manage Sales Staff, Increase
   64-69,000      Net Profitability by 150%; Collaborate with Finance for New and Used..
   Texas          File #35664           

Sales             Truck Sales - Medium, Heavy-Duty and Light - New and Used - Volvo,
   60-65,000      Mack, Isuzu, Hino, International, Freightliner, Sprinter Vans w/ CSR
   New York       File #35458           

Sales             Sales - Inside/Outside - Supply Chain and Logistics - Small and Mid-
   60-65,000      Market Segments; Source, Qualify New Leads; Establish Relationships-BA
   Kansas         File #35564           

Sales             Sales - Inside and Outside - Class 5 to 8 Diesel Trucks - Responsible
   60-65.000      for Cust. Satisfaction; Parts Expert; Increase Sales Volume & Profits.
   Colorado       File #35596           

Sales             Commercial Truck Lease Sales & Account Mgr.- with Business Development
   60-65,000      Fleet Analysis to Maximize Utilization; Minimize Downtime; Reduce Cost
   Ohio           File #35599           

Sales             Sales Manager - Truck Leasing - Work with Private Fleets to Create
   59-64,000      Efficient Transportation Solutions including Contract Maintenance...
   Ohio           File #35462           

Sales             Sales Manager - LTL and Truckload in Tre-State Area - with Pricing,
   59-64.000      Maximized Backhaul Profitability with Brokerage Freight; Spot Quotes..
   Pennsylvania   File #35511           

Sales             Business Development focusing on Heavy-Haul Frieght & Rail Relocations
   59-64,000      Establish Sales Strategies including Market Sector Account Priorities.
   Ohio           File #35637           

Sales             Transportation Sales - Logistics and 3PL - Customer & Carrier Relatns.
   54-59,000      Cold Calling; Collaborate w/ Shippers and Receivers for Equipment-BSBA
   Michigan       File #35712           

Sales             Logistics Account Sales Executive - 3PL - with Business Development,
   54-59,000      Recent Grad, Student Athlete, 80 Cold Calls a Day, Sales Team Leader..
   Florida        File #35561           

Traffic           Traffic and Logistics Director - Supervise Agents, Broker Carrier and
   74-79,000      Broker Contracts, Shipper Agreements, Lane & Revenue Analysis, RFPs-BS
   Pennsylvania   File #35434           

Traffic           Rating Specialist and Import Account Manager - NVOCC - Communicate w/
   49-54,000      Overseas Agents, Customs Brokers & Consignees; Documentation, Billing
   New Jersey     File #35426           

Traffic           Rate Coordinator - Intermodal & LTL - Negotiate with Rails and Drayage
   45-50,000      Key Account Management, Customer Service, Coordinate PUD, Dispatch-BA
   New Jersey     File #35433           

Traffic           Traffic Agent - Freight Forwarding - with Import Analysis, Coordinate
   44-49,000      Rail/Port/Warehouse Deliveries, Billing, Track and Trace, HTS/Tariffs
   Chicago Area   File #35438           

Traffic           AFF and IFF Transportation Analyst - Ocean and Air Import, Export and
   44-49,000      Domestic Cartage & Warehousing - HTS Code Expert; Cargo Wise, Cust Srv
   Chicago Area   File #35654           

Warranty          Warranty Leader - OEM Truck Mfg - Analyze Warranty Cases Occuring at
   65-70,000      Dealer Network; Consolidate Parts and Component Failure Modes - MBA
   Maryland       File #35593           

Warranty          Warranty Administrator - Heavy Truck and Automotive Field - Background
   55-60,000      as Diesel Mechanic in Dealerships and Private Shops - w/ Parts, Repair
   Maryland       File #35595           

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