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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q:  Now that I've sent you my resume what happens?

A:  If you have solid Transportation experience with a good track
record we'll see if we can match you up with any of our current
assignments.  If so, we'll contact you.  Otherwise, you'll be
entered into our computer system.  The first thing we do, when we
receive a new client assignment, is a computer search of
candidates already registered with us. 

Q:  Who pays your fee?

A:  Management pays our fee and there is never any charge to you. 
Accordingly, our principal objective is to satisfy the needs of
our client companies.  While we necessarily find many people
better jobs in fulfilling this mission, it would be unwise for
you to rely on us exclusively.

Q:  What kinds of candidates are you most likely to place?

A:  We place managers, administrators and executives in all modes
of the freight transportation industry.  The vast majority of
candidates we've been successful with have had less than two jobs
in the past five years and are currently employed or have been
unemployed for less than two months.   We rarely place people
who have been self-employed.  We never place drivers or
owner operators.

Q:  What do you think about my resume?

A:  We don't offer advise about individual resumes.  The purpose
of a resume is to get you an interview.  A good resume, in my
opinion, should:

	Be Concise - No longer than one or two pages.
	Tell what you're "Offering" rather than your "Objective."
	List your most recent work experience first.
        Include your dates of employment.
	Document your job accomplishments.
	Be neat and clear with good spelling and grammar.

"I had six honest serving men - They taught me all I knew:
Their names were Where and What and When - and Why and How
and Who."

                                         Kipling (1865-1936)

Q:  How can I find out about your current openings?

A:  We update our Job Listing page on the WWW about every two weeks.
The main URL is:



Understanding Recruiters/Headhunters/Search Firms

Clients contact us when they want to locate hard to find
candidates with specific experience.  They're willing to pay
us a significant fee so they don't have to train and/or
relocate someone.  

Consequently, the referrals we make are held to a higher
standard of industry specific experience, good track record
(job stability) and proximity than might otherwise be the
case.  For example, Truckload Carriers want candidates with
Truckload experience - not LTL.  Domestic Air Freight
clients frequently don't even want candidates with
international AFF experience, much less people from the
Steamship or Railroad industry.  Shippers don't want Carrier
personnel., etc.

This does not reflect on you personally.  It's situational.
No doubt, companies frequently hire candidates without the
requisite experience on their own.  They just don't do it
through us.


Inside Information - Common Candidate Errors and Omissions

Most people look for a job every few years.  We see hundreds of
resumes every week.  Here's how it looks from our perspective.
Your mileage may vary.  (Note: we're only writing about
responding to a specific job advertised online - different rules
may apply when posting to a resume databank.)

Resumes Without Dates - People with sporadic job records and/or
long gaps between employment do this.  So, if you have a good
track record - include dates.

Teaser Resumes - No dates; no companies.  Worse than resumes
without dates.  Don't play hide and seek.  We're too busy.  Hit
us with you best shot.

Contact Phone Number - Include it.  If you applied and we're
interested, why make it difficult for us to contact you?  We're
not looking for pen pals.

Zip Codes - Make sure your home zip code is on your resume.  We
use it to keep track of good candidates for future listings.
Proximity counts for a lot.

Weird Formats & Huge Files - Don'ts send Zips, don't send Gifs,
don't sent large (over 75K) Files; don't use macros.  Use
Microsoft Word or ASCII.

Strange E-Mail Addresses - We're not going to refer a to any of our clients.  Use an
E-mail address suitable for career related correspondence.

Aliases - We won't work with a person who contacts us multiple
times within a short period using different e-mail addresses
and/or variations on his/her name.  It shows a lack of
consideration for our time and much more that we'll leave unsaid.

All Capital Letters - On the net all CAPS is the equivalent of
shouting.  Don't be a screamer.

Invisible Name and Address - Before you send your resume out, try
this:  Go Edit-Select All; Edit-Copy; open a new document; Edit-Paste.
Make sure your name and address is there.

Concurrent Multiple Job Applications - In our experience most
people applying for many jobs at once are qualified for none.  We
look at the first application; delete the rest.

When Moving to a New City - Contact us after you've arrived so
we'll have your new address if something suitable in that
location arises.

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