Transportation & Logistics Personnel File - Summer 2007

Brief Descriptions of 70 Transportation, Logistics, 3PL and Supply Chain Candidates
Employers: Contact us with File #s of Candidates you're interested in: 800-347-3434.

Transportation & Logistics

Accounting        Director of Accounting - $100MM+ Truckload Carrier- w/ Strategic Plans
   110,000+       Information Technology, Finance, Risk Management, Administration - CPA
   Mid-Atlantic   File #29312           

Accounting        Contoller - $50MM+ Truckload Carrier - w/ AS400, Banking Relations,
   79-84,000      Budgets, General Ledger, Equipment Financing, Financial Statements...
   N. Carolina    File #29246           

Accounting        Trucking Accountant with Software, Info Tech, Budgets, Administration,
   65-70,000      Financial Reporting, Access, SQL, Oracle, Insurance, A/Pay-BS Business
   New Jersey     File #29258           

Accounting        Accounting Manager - Transportation Company - w/ Computers, General
   63-68,000      Ledger, A/P, A/R, Projects, Owner-Operator Recruitment Supevision-BSBA
   Washington     File #29245           

Accounting        Accounting Manager - Trucking - w/ Driver Payroll, Bank and General
   60-65,000      Ledger Reconciliation, AR/AP, Customer Service, Auditing, EDI, 401K...
   S. Calif.      File #29296           

Brokerage         Brokerage General Manager - Move 60 Loads per Week; Food Products - w/
   79-84,000      Sales, Agents - INCREASED REVENUE BY $2MM IN FIVE YEARS - 15% MARGIN.
   Illinois       File #29350           

Brokerage         Transportation Sales Representative - 3PL Truckload Brokerage - w/
   64-69,000      Shipper and Carrier Relations, Rate Quotations, Logitics, Operations..
   Upstate NY     File #29260           

Brokerage         Brokerage Operations and Sales - Work w/ Military Clients and Trucking
   64-69,000      Companies to Move $1.8MM Annual Revenue - w/ Truckload, Flatbed & LTL
   Kansas City    File #29355           

Brokerage         Brokerage - Inside Sales and National Accounts - Manage Transportation
   55-60,000      for 50 Accounts with Pricing, Rate Negotiation, OS&D, & Training - BA
   Chicago Area   File #29351           

Brokerage         Brokerage - Truckload and LTL - Sales and Operations - $1MM+ Per Year
   52-57,000      in Sales; Move 15-20 Loads Daily - w/ Rate Negotiations, Customer Srvc
   San Antonio, T File #29237           

Brokerage         Truckload Brokerage Sales, Dispatch and Carrier Sales - Coordinate
   45-50,000      250+ Carriers; 150+ Customers - CERTIFIED TRANSPORTATION BROKER - DAT
   Idaho          File #29332           

Customer Service  Inside Sales Coordinator w/ Marketing, Customer Service - Get Rates
   39-44,000      from Airlines, Steamship, Truckers, Export Packers for LCL, FCL, BBulk
   Houston Area   File #29230           

Customer Service  Customer Service Manager - AFF/IFF - w/ Tracking & Tracing Ocean and
   37-42,000      Air Shipments, Coordinate with Truckers, Steamship & Rail, Bookings...
   Illinois       File #29221           

Documentation     Import/Export Specialist w/ Documentation, Tracking, Tracing, Bookings
   40-45,000      Bills of Lading for LCL and FCLs, Oversea Agent Contacts, Rates, Traff
   S. Florida     File #29250           

Export            IFF Area Export Manager - w/ NOVCC, Gateways, Heavy Lifts, Special
   55-60,000      Projects, Customer Service, Intermodal, Overseas Agent- German Fluency
   Illinois       File #29223           

Export            IFF Ocean Export Manager w/ Consolidations, Steamship Rate Negotiation
   54-59,000      Gateways, Hazmat, Export Documenation, DEA Releases, SEDs via AES...
   S. Florida     File #29252           

Export            Export Traffic Supervisor - Ocean & Air- w/ Hazardous Material, Inland
   50-55,000      Logistics, Documentation, Customs Clearance, Shipping Operations - BA
   S. Calif.      File #29206           

Export            Ocean Export Agent - Interface with Truckers, Shippers, Steamship Line
   44-49,000      Customs to make sure Cargo Delivered from US Ports to Overseas Dest.
   Chicago Area   File #29219           

Export            IFF Export Document and Customer Service w/ Hazardous Chemicals, Rate
   43-48,000      Quotations, Ground and Ocean Freight Arrangements also Import & Custom
   Houston Area   File #29254           

Import            IFF Customs Compliance Officer - CHB LICENSEE - w/ Classifications,
   74-79,000      ACH/ABI Statements, HTSUS, Valuations, Ocean and Air Clearances - BSBA
   Houston Area   File #29255           

Import            AFF/IFF Branch Manager - CHB LICENSEE - w/ Ocean and Air Import/Export
   54-59,000      Documentation, Sales, Custom Duties via ACH, Operations, A to Z Traff.
   S. Carolina    File #28911           

Import            Import Traffic Specialist with Air, Ocean and Export - Customs Entry
   53-58,000      Writing, FDA, ACH, CBCC & ITS, Delivery Operations, T&E Documents - BA
   NYC Area       File #29225           

Import            AFF/IFF Import Supervisor w/ Entries and Releases- Supervise 12 People
   44-49,000      w/ CBP and OGA Regulations, ABI Interface, Harmonized Tariff Schedule
   Buffalo, NY    File #29367           

Import            IFF Import Traffic Coordinator w/ Classification, Rates, Customer
   41-46,000      Service, Discrepancies, Ground Transportation Dispatch, Documentation
   New Jersery    File #29231           

Import            AFF/IFF Import Specialist w/ Gateways, Warehousing, ISO Procedures,
   39-44,000      Rate Quotes for Air & Ocean Shipments, Documentation, Planning, Inven.
   Chicago Area   File #29220           

Intermodal        Intermodal Operations and Terminal Manager - w/ Owner-Operators,
   70-75,000      Truckload, Planning, Drayage, Maintenace, Equipment Control, Warehsng.
   Texas          File #29241           

Intermodal        Intermodal Opearations Mgr. w/ Dispatch, Port Pick-Up and Deliveries,
   49-54,000      Driver Logs and Payroll, A/Rec, Customer Service, O/Opers. Issues - BA
   N. Carolina    File #29256           

Intermodal        Intermodal Dispatcher - Container Unloading- Import/Export w/ Releases
   48-53,000      Steamship Line Interface, Customer Service, Rail Billings, Equipment
   Houston Area   File #29240           

Intermodal        Intermodal Logistics Specialist - Recent College Graduate in Business-
   35-40,000      w/ Rail and Container Options, Major Account Mgt., Cost Analysis, CSR
   Illinois       File #29353           

Logistics         Export Supervisor - Steamship Line - w/ Import, Operations, Traffic,
   55-60,000      Liason w/ NVOCCs, Charters and Rate Negotiations, Select Port Wharfage
   New York       File #29227           

Maintenance       Maintenance VP - Truckload Carrier - 400 Power; 500 Reefer - w/ Multi
   84-89,000      Cost Centers, Equipment Specifications, Inventory, Vendor Relations...
   Iowa           File #29293           

Maintenance       Area Maintenance Manager - Supervise 8 Shops - with 50 Technicians -
   74-79,000      Handle Cost Reduction, Preventative Maintenance, Software, Training...
   Massachusetts  File #29271           

Maintenance       Area Maintenance Mgr. - $500MM+ LTL Carrier - w/ Multiple Shops in
   64-69,000      IN & IL, Inventory, Hiring, Outside Vendor Selection, PM, Budgets...
   Indiana        File #29261           

Maintenance       Maintenance Manager - Truckload and LTL - Scheduling, Training Shop
   64-69,000      Personnel, Inventory, Computers, Parts, DOT Regs, Reports - Hands-ON..
   S. Calif.      File #29275           

Maintenance       Maintenance Manager - Trucking - 100 Tractors; 350 Trailers - with
   64-69,000      Safety, Training, Multiple Terminals, Purchasing - Supervise 12 Mechs.
   Pennsylvania   File #29314           

Operations        Int'l Operations Manager - AFF/IFF/CHB - w/ Sales, Dedicated Logistics
   70-75,000      Warehousing, Distribution, Supply Chain, Dir. Global Bids, Costs- BSBA
   Connecticutt   File #29208           

Pricing           Pricing and Traffic Manager - 3PL and Intermodal - Handle Trucking &
   75-80,000      Railroad Rate Negotiation, Profitability Analysis, Carrier Base, 3PL..
   New Jersey     File #29278           

Pricing           Intermodal Pricing and Business Development Manager - w/ Class 1 Rail
   74-79,000      Road Rate Negotiations, Costs, Equipment Availability, Sales, Marketng
   Florida        File #29306           

Pricing           Pricing Manager - Intermodal and LTL - w/ Railroad Rate Negotiation,
   72-77,000      Bid Creation and Preparation, Sales Interface, Spreadsheets, Billing.
   S. Calif.      File #29101           

Pricing           Pricing Manager - $50MM+ Carrier - w/ Profitability Analysis, Traffic
   70-75,000      Lane Analysis, National Account Bids, Cost Estimates, Contract Negotn.
   California     File #28618           

Pricing           Pricing Manager w/ Sales Interface, RFQ & RFQs, Profitability Software
   55-60,000      Intermodal Opers. - Established 3 Dedicated Accts with 275 Owner-Opers
   S. Carolina    File #29307           

Pricing           Pricing Specialist with Traffic, Bid Proposals, Rate Analysis, Figure
   50-55,000      Volume Discount Rates, Customer Service, Operations, Dispatch - BSBA
   Tennessee      File #28896           

Recruiting        Director of Recruiting - Truckload Carrier w/ 500+ Trailers - with
   80-85,000      Driver Training, Retention, Safety, Owner-Operators & Lease-Purchase..
   Ohio           File #29318           

Recruiting        Driver Recruiter - $800MM+ Truckload Carrier with Owner-Operators -
   65-70,000      RESPONSIBLE FOR 500+ HIRES - Utilize the Internet, Media and in Person
   S. Carolina    File #29330           

Safety            Safety Manager with Driver Recruiting and Retention, Insurance, Log
   64-69,000      Audits, Accident Investigation and Claims, BIT Inspections, O/Opers.
   S. Calif.      File #29029           

Safety            Safety Manager w/ Personnel - REDUCED ACCIDENT RATIO BY 70% - Audit
   62-68,000      Logs, Fuel Tax Reporting, Equipment Control, Driver Hiring, Intermodal
   Illinois       File #29335           

Safety            Safety Manager w/ Hazardous Material, Operations, Multiple- Terminals,
   60-65,000      DOT Compliance, Logs, Accident Prevention, HOS, Driver Training, DOT
   Chicago Area   File #29263           

Safety            Southeast Regional Safety Manger - Truckload Carrier with 1,000 Trucks
   58-63,000      w/ Accident Investigation, Insurance Info, DOT Drug Tests, Hiring, Log
   Georgia        File #29336           

Safety            Safety Supervisor w/ Driver Recruiting for 200 Drivers w/ Risk Mgt.,
   57-62,000      Insurance, Hiring, Training, Accident Prevention, DOT Compliance - CDL
   Florida        File #29302           

Safety            Safety Manager - Truckload and Flatbed - w/ Driver Recruiting, HOS,
   54-59,000      H&SP Permits, Size & Weight Regulations, Hands-On Driver Training - BA
   Texas          File #29239           

Safety            Safety Manager - DOT Compliance, Accident Prevention and Investigation
   54-59,000      Driver Recruiting (Owner-Operators), Permits, Plates, Insurance, DOT
   New Jersey     File #29273           

Safety            Safety and Compliance Managaer w/ Log Audits, Mileage and Fuel Records
   54-59,000      for IFTA Returns, Training, Multiple Locations, Fleet Services, DOT...
   Illinois       File #29357           

Safey             Terminal Safety Manager for Large Truckload Carrier with Operations,
   54-59,000      Intermodal, Owner-Opers., Contractor Relations, HOS, Hazmat, Dispatch
   Ohio           File #29361           

Sales             Area Vice President - $1,000MM+ Truckload Carrier - Dedicated Contract
   100,000+       Carriage Sales, Marketing, Business Develpmt. - INCREASED REVENUE $6MM
   S. Calif.      File #29324           

Sales             AFF/IFF Sales Director - Latin America - Import/Export - w/ NVOCC,
   94-99,000      Carrier Rate Negotiations - INCREASED TONNAGE 250% - Multi-Lingual-BA
   Miami Area     File #29251           

Sales             Sales & Operations Director - Flatbed & Truckload - INCREASED REGIONAL
   90-95,000      REVENUE BY $20MM IN 8 YEARS - w/ New Business Development, Recruiting.
   Texas          File #29299           

Sales             Area Account Executive - Truckload and Brokerage - $3MM Sales Volume -
   89-94,000      INCREASED SALES BY 54% - w/ National Accounts for OH, IN & KY - BS Deg
   Ohio           File #29289           

Sales             Regional Sales Manager - $500MM+ Truckload Carrier - INCREASED REVENUE
   85-90,000      BY $25MM; TERRITORY BY 40% - with Marketing, Pricing, Forecassts -BSBA
   Virginia       File #29315           

Sales             Area Sales and Operations Mgr. - $500MM+ Truckload Carrier - $40MM in
   80-85,000      Territory Sales - w/ New Business Development, Rate Negotitation, O/op
   Missouri       File #29272           

Sales             National Accounts Mgr. - $800MM 3rd Party Logistics Co. - Developed
   80-85,000      $120MM Account w/ 250,000 Loads - w/ Costs, Consolidations, 20 Reports
   Chicago Area   File #29279           

Sales             AFF/IFF Branch Manager - with Sales -INCREASED SALES BY 200%- Gateways
   75-80,000      Operations, Strong Latin America Contacts, Import - Manage 100+ People
   S. Calif.      File #29365           

Sales             Sales Executive - 3PL Offering Truckload, LTL, & Flatbed - w/ New
   73-78,000      Business Development - ADDED 40 NEW ACCOUNTS - Strategic Planning  -BA
   DFW Area       File #29300           

Sales             National Account Manager - Truckload and LTL - GENERATED $10MM REVENUE
   64-69,000      w/ Sales Training - w/ Logistics, Warehousing, Dedicated Carriage Cnt.
   Ohio           File #29352           

Sales             Sales Executive - 3PL and Brokerage - w/ Truckload, LTL, Intermodal &
   60-65,000      Reefer - GENERATED $750K IN PROFIT - Supply Chain, Logistics - BSBA
   Illinois       File #29266           

Sales             Brokerage Sales and Operations - w/ Truckload and Flatbed - AVERAGED
   59-64,000      20% MARGIN - Established Reates -Also Ran a Fleet of 40 Owner-Opers-BA
   Georgia        File #29267           

Sales             Sales Manager - 3PL Brokerage and Logistics - w/ Supply Chain, Major
   55-60,000      Accounts - Food, Reefer & Produce - Marketing - MANAGE $12MM ACCOUNT
   Minnesota      File #29264           

Sales             Sales Executive - 3PL Transportation and Logistics - INCREASED NET
   54-59,000      REVENUE BY 15% - w/ Major Accounts, Planning, Presentations, Costs- BA
   Florida        File #29333           

Sales             Sales and Operations - Flatbed - Heavy & Specialized - Pacific NW &
   50-55,000      Canadian Territory - INCREASED REVENUE BY $750K - Bldg Mat & Machinery
   Washington     File #29166           

Sales             Flatbed Sales, Operations and Customer Service - 100+ Unit Flatbed
   44-49,000      Fleet - w/ Office Supervision, Dispatch, Intermodal Steamship Billing
   Georgia        File #29310           

Traffic           Int'l Traffic Supervisor - IFF - Import/Export - w/ Operations, Letter
   54-59,000      of Credit, Research & Analysis, CSR -Ocean & Air- Chinese Fluency - BA
   S. Calif.      File #29204           

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