Air & Ocean Personnel File - Spring / Summer 2018
for Air and Ocean Freight Forwarding, CHB, NVOCC...
Brief Descriptions of Air and Ocean Candidates selected to: Increase Revenues - Reduce Expenses
Employers: Contact us with File #s of Candidates you're interested in: 800-347-3434.

Air & Ocean

Accounting        Chief Financial Officer - $2 Billion+ Trucking and Supply Chain - with
   100,000+       Banking, Brokerage, General Ledger, Insurance, Lease Financing - CPA
   Michigan       File #35062

Accounting        Controller - $100MM+ Freight Forwarder and Logistics Company - with
   94-99,000      Budgets, Financial Reporting, Forcasts, Risks, Plans, Banking, Audits.
   Houston Area   File #35377

Accounting        Accounting Manager - Logistics, Drayage and Chassis Leasing - Monthly
   70-75,000      Close of 9 Service Centers; Interface with General Ledger - BS Acctng.
   New Jersey     File #35206

Accounting        Accounting Mgr. -Freight Forwarding & Logistics- w/ Budgets, Financial
   69-74,000      Statements, Multiple Entities & Overseas Offices, ACH, Payroll for 200
   Chicago Area   File #35356

Compliance        Trade Compliance Supervisor - CHB Licensee - Audit Classifications,
   60-65,000      Free Trade Agreements, ECCN, EEI Export Filing, Country of Origin, HTS
   Texas          File #35195

Customer Service  IFF Key Accounts Manager - w/ Customer Service Supervision, Operations
   54-59,000      ISF Filings, Drayage Issues, Budgets, Work Hours, P&L Reports, Bi-Ling
   S. Calif.      File #35079

Customer Service  Customer Service Manager - Air, Ocean and Intermodal - Work with
   50-55,000      Brokers and Freight Forwarders; Supervise 6; Dispatch, Equip. Control
   New Jersey     File #35140

Customer Service  Import/Export Customer Service with Operations, Documentation, Traffic
   44-49,000      Break-Bulk Consolidations, HTS, AES, OGA - NVOCC & Carrier Contacts
   New Jersey     File #35352

District Manager  District Mgr. - Air, Ocean, Ground and 3PL - with Sales and Operations
   100,000+       INCREASED REVENUE BY $15MM OVER 10 YEARS; Manage 35 Employees; BS Tran
   Michigan       File #35141

District Manager  Distribution General Manager - Air Cargo with Retail Specialty - Rate
   84-89,000      Negotiations, Logistics, Tariffs, 4000+ Store Deliveries per Month TSA
   New Jersey     File #35529

District Manager  IFF Branch Manager - LATAM - $10MM Top Line Revenue; $2MM in Gross
   80-85,000      Profits; 10K+ TEUs Shipped per Year; w/ Sales, Operations, EDI & KPIs
   Miami Area     File #35010

District Manager  IFF Branch Manager - CHB LICENSEE - with Sales, Operations, Budgets,
   80-85,000      Perosnnel, Complex Logistic Solutions - TRIPLED GROSS PROFIT IN 2 YRS.
   Pennsylvania   File #35499

District Manager  CHB Branch Manager and License Holder -with Customs Brokerage, Freight
   79-84,000      Distribution, Staff Mgt., A/R, A/P, Sales, HTS Classifications, Stats
   N. Calif.      File #35237

District Manager  Branch Mgr. - w/ Customs Clearance, All Aspects of Freight Forwarding,
   64-69,000      ISF, AES, Drawbacks, Sales, Booking Cargo with Agenty for Door to Door
   Long Island, N File #35196

Documentation     Export Documentation & Customer Service - Sea Freight - 40+ Customers
   49-54,000      with an Annual Revenue of $20MM+; w/ Traffic, Pricing, LofC, Transit..
   Massachusetts  File #35009

Documentation     Documentation, Transportation and Logistics Coordinator - Communicate
   48-53,000      with Overseas Agennts, Customers, Airlines and Brokers - Chinese Flu.
   Illinois       File #35436

Documentation     Import Documentation & Customer Service for Custom House Broker - Open
   40-45,000      Files, Verify Import Docs, Data Entry - Ocean & Air; Handle 30 Accts.
   S. Calif.      File #35235

Documentation     Export Documentation and Booking Coordinator - Ocean and Air - Review
   40-45,000      Letters of Credit, Warehouse Receipts, AES Filings, Cert. of Origin...
   New Jersey     File #35350

Documentation     Export Ocean Account Supervisor with Ex/Import Documentation, Coor.
   39-44,000      with Shippers, Truckers & Steamship Lines and Agents to Pick up Cargo
   New Jersey     File #35238

Export            Air Export Manager - Establish Goals and Key Performance Indicators;
   54-59,000      Prepare Rate Quotes; Know Tariff Schedules; Pricing, Operations...
   Houston Area   File #35003

Export            Export Specialist - Ocean and Air Freight Forwarding - w/ Operations,
   54-59,000      Booking, Drayage, AES Filing, Documentation, FCL, LCL -Chinese Fluency
   Chicago Area   File #35430

Export            Ocean Export Coordinator - Handle Shipments from Pickup to Int'l Port
   40-45,000      Delivery; Documentation, Customer Service, Work w/ Agents, LofC, BOL..
   Illinois       File #35286

Import            IFF Custom Compliance Manager - Managed Compliance for 20 Domestic
   100,000+       Offices and 70 Overseas Office; CHB Licensee; w/ FTZ, Classifications
   Atlanta Area   File #35077

Import            Import Compliance Program Manager - Retail - CHB LICENSEE - with Rates
   100,000+       Classifications, FSFE Program, FDA, F&W, Special Trade Programs, Train
   Washington, DC File #35081

Import            Import and Compliance Manager - Freight Forwarding/CHB - CHB LICENSEE
   84-89,000      Manage Import Team of 17; Custom Bonds; CBP Audits; PEA and Post Entry
   New Jersey     File #35405

Import            District Broker and FTZ Operator - CHB LICENSEE - with Operations,
   80-85,000      Record Keeping, Training Entry Writers, Classifications, USCS Rules-BA
   S. Calif.      File #35538

Import            CHB Import Manager - Licensed Customhouse Broker - Hands-On Manager w/
   74-79,000      Training; Compliance; Oil & Gas Specialist; ACE, Post-Entry, Classify
   Houston Area   File #35530

Import            Import Broker -CHB LICENSEE- w/ FDA Compliance and Audits, Qualifying
   70-75,000      License Holder for Branch; Expertise in Tariff Rate Quotas, Anti-Dump.
   Minnesota      File #35528

Import            Customs Brokerage Mgr. - CHB LICENSEE - Handle all phases of Brokerage
   69-74,000      Delivery and Billing of FCL and LCL Cargo and Air Freight; Delivery...
   New Jersey     File #35193

Import            Import Brokerage Operations Lead - CHB License Holder - w/ Customs
   65-70,000      Clearance for 5 Key Accounts; Rate Negotiations w/ Air, Truck, Ocean..
   DFW Area       File #35239

Import            Import Manager - Customs Brokerage - with Compliance, Complex Entries,
   64-69,000      Increase Revenue and Profits, Project Management, KPIs, Cust. Srv.BSBA
   N. Carolina    File #35539

Import            Import Manager - CHB LICENSEE - Compliance and Post Entry - Air and
   60-65,000      Ocean; Supervise 4 Entry Writers and 300+ Entries Per Month; C-TPAT...
   Rhode Island   File #35078

Import            Assistant Brokerage Manager - CHB LICENSEE - with Compliance, Tariff
   60-65,000      Analysis, C-TPAT, Submit Entries, NAFTA, FDA, FWS - Implemented ACE-BA
   Illinois       File #35284

Import            Import Supervisior - Freight Forwarding - Maximize Profitability on
   55-60,000      All Files Handled; Operations, Relations w/ Customers, Agents, Carrier
   New York       File #35312

Import            Import Manager - Licensed CHB- w/ Classifications, Im/Ex Documentation
   55-60,000      Coordinate Logistics, Arrange Transportation, Tariffs, Quotas- Spanish
   Miami Area     File #35445

Import            Import Customs Clearance and Traffic Specalist - U.S., Mexican, Canada
   54-59,000      C-TPAT Compliance, NAFTA Verification, AMS, Dispatch, Classifications
   Laredo, TX     File #35437

Import            Entry Writer, Team Leader -Customs Brokerage- Computes Duties, Tariffs
   49-54,000      Price Conversion, Documentation, Custom Releases- FDA, Chinese Fluency
   S. Calif       File #35178

Import            Ocean and Air Import Specialist - Track Shipments, Check Terminal for
   44-49,000      Availability, Set Up Delivery, Classifications, Ag Permits, Export...
   Georgia        File #35143

Import            Import Coordinator - w/ Entry Writing, Customer Service, Documentation
   44-49,000      NVOCC, Track and Trace, Arrival Notices, AS400, Editrade, ETD and ETA
   S. Calif.      File #35232

Import            Import Coordinator - with Customer Service, File ISFs, Classify Goods,
   35-40,000      Submit Custom Entries in Compliance w/ CBP, FDA; Process PAPS, Disptch
   N. Carolina    File #35240

Logistics         National Air Cargo Support Specialist - with Global Project Management
   64-69,000      Customer Communication, Planning, Compliance - Japanese & Chinese Flu.
   New Jersey     File #35351

Logistics         Logistics Specialist- Move 4,000+ Containers into USA Every Year; Work
   49-54,000      with Steamship Lines, NVOCCs and Trucking Companies Daily - Chinese Fl
   New Jersey     File #35012

Operations        Operations Director- Last Mile Delivery, White Glove, 3PL, Warehousing
   94-99,000      Dedicated Fleet in Home Delivery; P&L for $10MM in Business - BS Finan
   New Jersey     File #35554

Operations        Steasmship Agency Operations and Logistics Manager- with Project Cargo
   80-85,000      Route Development, Sales, Planning, Overseas Agents, Forwarding - Span
   S. Florida     File #35532

Operations        IFF Route Development Manager - USA-India - Develop, Manage and Refine
   70-75,000      Strategies, Services and Products; w/ Operations, Sales, NVOCC, Im/Ex.
   New Jersey     File #35007

Operations        Air Freight Operations Mgr. - Domestic and Im/Export - with Budgets,
   70-75,000      Rate Negotiations, Warehouse Procedures, Sales, P&L, Training, TSA...
   DFW Area       File #35535

Operations        Terminal Manager - Air Cargo, Logistics and Trucking - w/ Owner-Oper.
   64-69,000      Recruitment, Safety, Maintenance, Routing, Training, KPIs, DOT Regs-BS
   Georgia        File #35011

Operations        Terminal Mgr - Trucking & Air Cargo w/ Warehousing & Distribution, DOT
   64-69,000      & TSA Compliance, Safety Audits, Rate Negotiation w/ Outside Carriers
   S. Calif.      File #35518

Operations        IFF Branch Operations Manager - Ocean and Air; Import/Export - with
   60-65,000      Key Account Mgt.; KPIs, Breakbulk, In'tl Gateways, Rates, Supervise 25
   New York       File #35142

Operations        Terminal Manager with Intermodal, Operations, Dispatch, Customer Srv.,
   S. Carolina    File #35241

Operations        Terminal Manager with Dispatch, Warehousing, Customer Service, Safety,
   59-64,000      Recruiting, Retention, Scheduling - US Customs Shipment for Air Cargo
   Arizona        File #35320

Operations        Export Operations and Sales Mgr. - with Customer Service, Traffic,
   55-60,000      Documentation, Quotes & Pricing w/ Steamship (Container, RORo, BBulk)
   S. Calif.      File #35224

Operations        Operations Mgr. - Air & Ocean Freight Forwarding - w/ Export & Import
   55-60,000      Negotiate Rates & Contracts; Booking, Warehouse, AES Filings, CofO -MS
   New York       File #35317

Operations        Import Operations Manager - with Customer Service, File Checking, Cost
   54-59,000      and Profit; Hire Train Staff; Meet with Clients; Score Monthly KPIs-BS
   S. Calif.      File #35287

Operations        Ocean Import Operations Manager w/ Customer Service - Manage Team of
   54-59,000      15; Develop SOPs; w/ Customs Brokerage, Rate Negotiation with Trucking
   Illinois       File #35429

Operations        Int'l Ocean Export Supervisor - Coordiante all LCL, FLC, BB and OOG
   50-55,000      Freight Worldwide; Manage Contracts with Steamship Lines;; Documentatn
   Houston Area   File #35537

Operations        Customer Service and Dispatch with Import, NVOCC, Intermodal, Hazmat,
   49-54,000      Bonded Cargo, Demurrage, Detention, Operations, Warehousing, LCL, FCL.
   New Jersey     File #35400

Operations        Operations Manager - Ocean Export Shipments from A to Z; File SEDs;
   44-49,000      Coordinate weekly consolidations; Office Administration, Inland Coor.
   Miami Area     File #35236

Pricing           IFF Export Pricing Supervisor - w/ Ocean and Air, Traffic, Rate Quotes
   49-54,000      Documentation, Sales, Tariffs, Logistics, Operations - Spanish Fluency
   Florida        File #35527

Safety            Safety Manager - Trucking, Supply Chain and Forwarding - with FMCSA
   60-65,000      Compliance, Drug/Alcohol Testing, Claims, Accident Investigation, Fuel
   N. New Jersey  File #35358

Safety            Safety Manager with Operations & Traffic - 20 Trucks - DOT Compliance,
   42-47,000      Monthly Maintenance Schedules, HOS, ISO9002, Customer Service, Rates..
   Ohio           File #35131

Sales             Sales & Logistics Director - Harbor Drayage, Warehousing and Brokerage
   100,000+       Developed Domestic Brokerage Division for NVOCC w/ Carrier Sourcing...
   S. Calif.      File #34992

Sales             Int'l Sales Manager - $100MM+ Territory with Key Account Management,
   100,000+       Customer Relationships, Fortune 500 Clients; Key Retail Contacts -BSBA
   S. Calif.      File #35008

Sales             IFF Area Sales Manager - Responsible for 10+ Sales Hunters and Route
   100,000+       Development Managers; w/ Staff Motivation, Competitive Marketing - BBA
   Atlanta Area   File #35526

Sales             Business Development Manager - Forwarding, CHB and NVOCC - GREW LAX
   85-90,000      BRANCH PROFITABILITY BY 24%; Established Asian Agent Partnerships...
   S. Calif.      File #35292

Sales             General Manager - Domestic and Int'l 3PL - Developed $2MM in Gross
   84-89,000      Profit through Personal Direct Sales; Container Drayage, Im/Ex, FTL...
   Illinois       File #35050

Sales             Business Development Mgr. - Responsible for Sales Activity East Coast
   84-89,000      and Mid-Atlantic for Import/Export to S. America & China - Air & Ocean
   Pennsylvania   File #35053

Sales             Senior Account Executive - Steamship - Sell and Market Carrier Service
   84-89,000      to NVOCC & BCO Shippers; w/ Rate Negotiations, Plans, Market Research
   New Jersey     File #35067

Sales             Sales Director - Trucking and Air Freight Specialist - with National
   80-85,000      Accounts; - Customer Base of 300; Increased Revenue by 150% - BA Deg.
   DFW Area       File #35332

Sales             Regional Sales Manager - NVOCC and CHB - Strong Inbound Logistics to
   79-84,000      USA from Asia - Responsible for Business Development for 7 US Offices
   Illinois       File #35285

Sales             Sales Manager - Freight Forwarding, Trucking and Warehousing - with
   74-79,000      Business Development, NVOCC, Steamship Agency Mgt., Rates & Contracts
   Philadelphia   File #35055

Sales             Steamship Sales Executive - Grew N. Carolina Territory by 60+% and
   74-79,000      Increased Gross Margin by 40%; Brought in 20+ New Reefer Accounts-BS
   N. Carolina    File #35072

Sales             Tri-Lingual IFF Sales Manager - with RFQs & Int'l Logistics Solutions;
   70-75,000      Prospecting, Developing and Maintaining New Accounts; Opers. Interface
   S. Calif.      File #35378

Sales             Business Development Mgr. - LATAM and ECSA - Sales, Develop New Agency
   69-74,000      Agreements, Negotiate with Air and Ocean Carriers for Im/Export - Span
   Miami Area     File #35288

Sales             Sales Manager - Steamship & Forwarding - Increased Sales W/ BCO & NVOC
   69-74,000      Accounts in USWC/PNW; Expert Service Contract Negotiator- BS Economics
   Washington     File #35339

Sales             Sales and Account Manager -Steamship- Manage 10 Key Accounts Shipping
   65-70,000      Refrigerated, Heavy Machinery, Chemicals, Hazardous Materials - MS Deg
   Chicago Area   File #35339

Sales             Sales Executive - Freight Forwarding, Trucking, Special Projects -with
   64-69,000      NVOCC, Air & Ocean Import/Export - Oil, Gas, Hazardous Materials -BSBA
   Houston Area   File #33031

Sales             Sales Manager - Stevedoring, Warehouse, Distribution, Ocean and Air
   64-69,000      Freight Forwarding and CHB - LATAM Travel, New Biz Development, Span..
   Miami Area     File #35054

Sales             Sales Manager - Freight Forwarding - Outside Sales - Import Prospects
   64-69,000      with 1,000+ TEUs on a Single Trade Lane; Focus on Retail Logistics...
   New York       File #35080

Sales             Sales Executive - Logistics and Freight Forwarding - Import/Export -
   64-69,000      Chinese and Japanese Fluency - w/ New Business Development, Cold Calls
   S. Calif.      File #35177

Sales             Midwest Area Sales Mgr. - Steamship - INCREASED TERRITORY REVENUE FROM
   64-69,000      $8MM TO $13MM; Manage 80+ Customer Accounts; w/ Cust. Service- Span Fl
   Chicago Area   File #35228

Sales             Inside Sales Representative - Air and Ocean Forwarding - Japanese and
   59-64,000      Chinese Fluency - with Customer Service, Rates and Credit, Import - BA
   Illinois       File #35144

Sales             Sales Manager - Air Import/Export, NVOCC, FCL and LCL - Sales Calls
   55-60,000      and Meetings, Rate Quotes, Operation Supervision, CSR - Korean Flu.-BS
   Georgia        File #35147

Sales             Sales of Air and Ocean Freight Services Including Brokerage & Trucking
   54-59,000      to SE Asia, China, Pakistan and India - w/ NVOCC, Import Operations...
   S. Calif.      File #35289

Sales             Inside Sales and Business Development - Air Cargo - w/ Rate Negotiatns
   49-54,000      with Carriers, Customers and Agents; Im/Export Bookings, Documentation
   DFW Area       File #35146

Sales             Business Development Manager - Air and Ocean Export and Domestic -with
   49-54,000      Opeations, Billing, Collections, Track and Trace - Span Fluency - BSBA
   Miami Area     File #35227

Traffic           Rate Specialist - Provide Pricing Resolution and Analysis to Managers
   49-54,000      for 3PL Customers; Freight Bill Audit; Rate Negotiation, Customer Srv.
   Oregon         File #34991

Traffic           Area Import Coordinator - Ocean Freight Forwarding - with Customer
   49-54,000      Service, Rates, Troubleshooting, Inside Sales, Computers, LCL Support.
   New Jersey     File #35387

Traffic           Rating Specialist and Import Account Manager - NVOCC - Communicate w/
   49-54,000      Overseas Agents, Customs Brokers & Consignees; Documentation, Billing
   New Jersey     File #35426

Traffic           Traffic Agent - Freight Forwarding - with Import Analysis, Coordinate
   44-49,000      Rail/Port/Warehouse Deliveries, Billing, Track and Trace, HTS/Tariffs
   Chicago Area   File #35438

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